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Ack­lams mo­tor­cy­cles are dif­fer­ent to many other mo­tor­cy­cle tri­als shops as they spe­cialise in only one brand – Beta. They have just re­fur­bished the premises to push the Beta brand even more. Was it just a quick coat of paint? Trial Mag­a­zine de­cided to call in to see what the boys have been up to.

Paul, why only Beta?

We are in many ways a busi­ness with older style work­ing ideas. We want a cus­tomer to come into the shop and be able view the cur­rent range of ma­chines from Beta. If the UK im­porters bring the ma­chines into the coun­try then we have them in stock. Many times a cus­tomer will make a phone call and start ask­ing about a par­tic­u­lar Beta model at which point I will ask him to call in and view the ma­chine, the si­lence on the other end of the phone is some­times quite funny!

Are you a Beta ‘Anorak’?

Yes! We carry a wide range of spares but if we do not have it in stock we can usu­ally have it with us in twenty four hours. It’s the same with the prod­uct knowl­edge. If a cus­tomer has a ques­tion on the Beta brand we can usu­ally an­swer that ques­tion and that’s the beauty of just deal­ing with one brand.

So the first time tri­als rider or the guy want­ing a ma­chine and rid­ing kit can pur­chase the com­plete pack­age from the shop?

We carry a com­pre­hen­sive stock of hel­mets, cloth­ing and boots to suit a wide range of pock­ets.

Once again we have good work­ing re­la­tion­ships with the sup­pli­ers and we only stock qual­ity brands, ones we have faith in our­selves. Maybe the cus­tomer only has the budget to get him­self into the sport or it could be the rider who has been around for some time, we carry stock to cover all their needs.

Do you see the same faces in the shop time af­ter time?

Yes we do and it’s good to see this hap­pen­ing. Much of the cus­tom has been handed down from the fa­ther to his son who had his first ma­chine from us. We try to build up a good re­la­tion­ship, one which they can trust and we will al­ways give them a good deal on any pur­chases from the shop.

Which brands will you take in part ex­change?

We will take any brand in part ex­change be­cause they will nine times out of ten have a new ma­chine from us. This is not just about ‘do­ing a deal’ as we want the cus­tomer to come back time and time again. If he has a Beta from us and likes it he will be­come

“We carry a com­pre­hen­sive stock of hel­mets, cloth­ing

and boots to suit a wide range of pock­ets.”

a reg­u­lar and we will hope­fully see his face and ma­chine again build­ing up a good work­ing re­la­tion­ship.

Do you keep many sec­ond-hand ma­chines in stock?

Yes we do as we want to give the cus­tomer the op­tion if he can­not af­ford a brand new ma­chine. Most of our sec­ond-hand stock comes from our cus­tomer data base that has a cus­tomer pur­chas­ing a new ma­chine when the new mod­els ap­pear dur­ing the sea­son. They gen­er­ally look af­ter their own ma­chines as they know I will give them a pref­er­en­tial part ex­change price if the ma­chine has been well loved and looked af­ter. It also helps that once they own a Beta we will take in their part ex­change which builds up our own sec­ond­hand stock of the Ital­ian ma­chines.

Tell us about the brand – Ack­lams Beta

My son Joel has al­ways rid­den in tri­als and he is sure it’s a pos­i­tive way of mak­ing the cus­tomer feel part of the Ack­lams Team with the branded cloth­ing etc. We also give sup­port to lo­cal tal­ented rid­ers who want to fur­ther their tri­als am­bi­tions. I ac­tu­ally en­joy look­ing at the re­sults sheets and see­ing the brand name, Ack­lams Beta. We also at­tend many events sup­port­ing the Beta brand in the UK as it’s also a very pos­i­tive way of bring­ing new cus­tom to the shop. The Ack­lams boys have ob­vi­ously been busy at the shop and the busi­ness looks to be do­ing well. Now was that white paint in Paul’s hair or grey hairs? Hmm…not sure!!

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