Trial Mag­a­zine • Oc­to­ber / Novem­ber 2013

Trial Magazine - - 2014 NEW MODEL SHOWCASE -

The 2014 ver­sion of the suc­cess­ful Beta Evo comes with a new el­e­gant look. A com­bi­na­tion of black and white en­riched with ex­tremely de­tailed red flashes that high­light the tech­ni­cal and sporty spirit of the prod­uct. It also con­firms Beta’s well-bal­anced an­swer to sport users and fans that pay spe­cial at­ten­tion to per­for­mance and re­li­a­bil­ity.

EN­GINE: The 300cc has seen the most changes in­clud­ing a big­ger di­am­e­ter con­nect­ing rod in the mo­tor. This in­crease sta­bil­ity and also de­crease’s en­gine vi­bra­tion as the in­er­tia weights are more cen­tral with­out chang­ing the en­gine in­er­tia ef­fect. New crankcases are also fit­ted to the 300cc to house the new crankshaft. The ex­haust man­i­fold length is in­creased in length for a smoother oper­a­tion at low speed and to in­crease per­for­mance at high speed. Up­dates to the CDI map­ping im­prove tractabil­ity and power de­liv­ery. A change to a plas­tic wa­ter pump gear in­stead of alu­minium makes this com­po­nent lighter and less noisy in oper­a­tion. Stan­dard on all the mod­els the clutch has also seen im­prove­ments and a new kick starter gear is fit­ted to in­crease dura­bil­ity and make for an eas­ier start­ing ac­tion.

FRAME: The han­dle­bar lo­ca­tion is now lower to aid rider bal­ance and the lo­ca­tion points of the han­dle­bar are changed to give a more flex­i­ble feel­ing. The front forks have in­her­ited from the ‘Fac­tory’ 300cc new SKF fork oil seals with a low fric­tion rat­ing to make the ac­tion of the slider smoother. At the rear the sin­gle shock ab­sorber is slightly longer in length and the ‘Stick­tion’ has also been im­proved with a new in­ter­nal Sin­tered coated pis­ton. The link­age also has a new pro­tec­tion de­vise which pro­tects this vi­tal area as well as re­duc­ing wear and main­tainace. The un­der en­gine pro­tec­tion now fea­tures a new de­sign which rationalis­es the shape to dis­trib­ute the load and re­duce the weight. The footrest area is now util­is­ing the mi­cro­fu­sion tech­nol­ogy with a new ap­peal­ing de­sign, greater stiff­ness, im­proved er­gonomics and grip and con­sid­er­able weight re­duc­tion. As al­ways the Ital­ian Beta brand al­ways re­fines its ma­chines with the rider in mind and this is re­flected in the 2014 model range.

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