The ma­chine rid­den by Alex can­not be de­scribed as a full fac­tory ma­chine. Even if the en­gine and clutch are heav­ily mod­i­fied it is, to all in­tents and pur­poses, a stock 300 Sherco which has been finely tuned to meet the needs of the num­ber one French rider. The frame is also se­ri­ously re­in­forced and strength­ened; the sus­pen­sion seems to be rea­son­ably close to stan­dard but the set­tings are re­vised.

It is in Torello in the Cata­lan work­shop of Josep Paxau that the ma­chine rid­den by Alex was pre­pared. It is Josep him­self who un­der­takes the ma­jor­ity of changes.

The cylin­der head, with its in­creased com­pres­sion when com­pared to stan­dard, is made by Paxau and has a re­place­able insert. The cylin­der is cleaned up and low­ered to in­crease com­pres­sion even more – not by us­ing a dif­fer­ent base gas­ket but in the lathe of Paxau. The clutch comes from an en­duro ma­chine and is adapted by the fac­tory. It uses a nine-disc pack of smaller di­am­e­ter ro­tors in place of the six fit­ted as stan­dard and a new clutch bas­ket; pri­mary gear and re­lease plate are fit­ted. This ne­ces­si­tates the ma­chin­ing of a spacer from bil­let alu­minium to raise the cover so that the stan­dard clutch cover can be fit­ted. A sep­a­ra­tion de­vice is fit­ted in the crankcases which al­lows the oil used in the gear­box and clutch to be sep­a­rated. This al­lows dif­fer­ent vis­cosi­ties that are bet­ter suited to each sit­u­a­tion to be used. Ex­cept for tri­als at high al­ti­tude, where an ex­tra fly­wheel weight is fit­ted, the ig­ni­tion sys­tem re­mains un­changed. The CDI is pro­tected by a car­bon-fi­bre cover.

The mas­ter cylin­ders from Brak­tec are fit­ted. Head­light sur­round, ig­ni­tion cover and side pro­tec­tion are all car­bon fi­bre. Orig­i­nally from the en­duro ma­chine, the clutch fit­ted by the fac­tory needs a cus­tom spacer to fit the cover. An in­ter­nal...

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