For most of us the idea of go­ing back to school will bring with it cold sweats and a sense of fail­ure to­gether with the ques­tion: why would you need to be put back in a class­room and shown how to do things that you have been get­ting along with fine, thank you very much! Most tri­als rid­ers are very good at just bum­bling along, many of us have rid­den for tens of years and have just found a level that we un­wit­tingly think is the level we will stay at so we think noth­ing of it. But just oc­ca­sion­ally it will dawn on some that there could be a bit more abil­ity in there, or even that the way they have been do­ing some things on the ma­chine are just plain wrong, but have no idea how to cor­rect them or how to prac­tise a bet­ter method. This is where a tri­als school comes into play – if you are pre­pared to lis­ten and learn.

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