WHY: The ap­proach to the haz­ard has been rushed, with the rider not in the po­si­tion he wanted to be as he jumped onto the rock. This can oc­cur if, on the sec­tion in­spec­tion by the rider, he has missed an ob­sta­cle or a haz­ard that could ham­per the path to the rock. Sec­tion in­spec­tion should be car­ried out and all haz­ards noted in a pho­to­graphic-like mem­ory by the rider. Un­seen prob­lems can also hap­pen though, for in­stance the rider be­fore may have moved the rocks with the pas­sage of his ma­chine – which is what hap­pened here.

RES­CUE: He has landed on the rock af­ter a dif­fi­cult off-line ap­proach caused by a loose rock knock­ing him off the sec­tion line. He is now us­ing his body mass and strength to cor­rect the ma­chine and res­cue the sit­u­a­tion. Us­ing the throt­tle to con­trol the ma­chine’s power he keeps calm, with the ma­chine stood on its rear wheel whilst keep­ing the clutch bit­ing to re­main his for­ward mo­tion. He is calm and com­fort­able with this sit­u­a­tion be­fore he moves of the rock and out of the ends cards of the haz­ard to record a clean ride!

THINK: Firstly, do not panic when this sit­u­a­tion oc­curs. Look where you are go­ing and what’s go­ing to hap­pen next. The ma­chine’s power is un­der con­trol as the rider ‘feath­ers’ the clutch lever and the rear tyre has strong pur­chase on the dry solid rock. Where will you land when you ride off the rock is what you should be fo­cussing on. Start think­ing about mov­ing your body po­si­tion to the rear as you go for­ward, and pre­pare to get both wheels back on the ground.

BODY PO­SI­TION: He has the strength of his left leg keep­ing the ma­chine un­der con­trol as he presses it hard into the side of the ma­chine. Us­ing his nat­u­ral abil­ity he uses his right leg as a counter bal­ance and keeps his weight to the rear of the ma­chine so that the tyre keeps a flat max­i­mum pur­chase plat­form on the rock. He has a firm grip on the han­dle­bars and has no ob­vi­ous signs of strain as he brings the sit­u­a­tion un­der his con­trol. TECH­NIQUE


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