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The 2015 300cc Gas Gas TXT Rac­ing model needs no in­tro­duc­tion as it’s a good solid and popular proven ma­chine evolved from the pre­vi­ous year’s range. There is no ‘Stan­dard’ model from the Span­ish man­u­fac­turer any more but what you get is a free up­grade to the ‘Rac­ing’ model which re­places the old range of ‘Stan­dard’ ones. Added to the im­pres­sive list of com­po­nents on the ma­chine are the Reiger rear shock and the Kei­hin car­bu­ret­tor which not only gives added per­for­mance benefits but also makes the ma­chine much bet­ter value for money. Smooth but us­able power is es­sen­tial for the Scot­tish Six Days Trial where the 300cc model is popular with both the Club­men rider and the po­ten­tial win­ners in­clud­ing Michael Brown. Richard Tim­per­ley on his own ad­mis­sion is never go­ing to win the event but he will openly tell you that the 300cc model with its ex­cel­lent at­tributes is his ‘Scot­tish’ choice for 2015.

My 300cc Gas Gas is pretty much a stan­dard ma­chine with the only changes per­sonal ones for my own set up. I have had this ‘Rac­ing’ model for around six-eight weeks now and it’s shall we say ready for ac­tion. As with all Gas Gas mod­els young or old the rid­ing po­si­tion is very rider friendly with all the con­trols in very easy to reach po­si­tions. I change brands as and when I just fancy a change but one thing that al­ways strikes you when you throw your leg back over a Gas Gas is how you very much feel com­fort­able and at home which in turns does give you a feel good fac­tor and in­spires con­fi­dence in your abil­ity. As the Scot­tish Six Days Trial con­sists of many rocky type river and gul­lies we thought it might be a good start­ing point to make this ‘Quick Spin’ ar­ti­cle on this type of ter­rain.

Let’s start with the mo­tor which is happy in most gears when rid­den in the rivers and on the rocks. It’s very smooth but its power out­put is ideal for both the top rider who wants the ‘Grunt’ for the big stuff or the Club­men who quite lit­er­ally want some ex­tra power for the Moor cross­ings and up the steep haz­ards found in the event. The clutch ac­tion is ex­cel­lent as was the car­bu­ra­tion with the Kei­hin car­bu­ret­tor not let­ting the mo­tor ‘Load Up’ and af­fect its per­for­mance. It starts first time hot or cold with a quick ‘Prod’ on the kick start lever. Gear se­lec­tion is crisp and clean with the first three ideal for the haz­ards with the other three suited for the tracks and open road found in this six day event.

As we have men­tioned this model has the Reiger rear shock con­trol­ling the back of the ma­chine and the lat­est alu­minium slider Mar­zoc­chi forks at the front which work so well with the steel tubu­lar frame. Pick­ing your path along the rocky haz­ards found in Scot­land is very im­por­tant and both the steer­ing and sus­pen­sion as­so­ci­a­tion give very good feed­back to the rider es­pe­cially when chang­ing di­rec­tion or turn­ing. It’s also worth not­ing the ease of main­tainace on the ma­chine at his six day event with only a few tools re­quired to carry out the day to day ‘Fet­tling’. Well talk­ing never won me the ‘Scot­tish’ so it’s back to more train­ing – see you in May.


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