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You may ask why we in­vited Scorpa sup­ported rider Billy Bolt to have a quick spin on the new 2016 model 300cc. Com­mit­ted to the Ossa pro­ject for the BTC and WTC he was thrown a life­line by Scorpa UK im­porter Nigel Bir­kett and the French com­pany when pro­duc­tion prob­lems hit the Span­ish man­u­fac­turer Ossa. Billy first threw his leg over the Scorpa for the WTC round in Ja­pan.

“I owe a huge debt to both Nigel Bir­kett and Scorpa for the op­por­tu­nity to stay in the WTC in 2015 when the prob­lems at Ossa came to light. The move from one brand to another was more dif­fi­cult than I first thought it would be, due to the rad­i­cal de­sign of the Ossa which fea­tured the fuel tank very low at the front of the ma­chine and its su­perb clutch ac­tion, but this is a story for another day.

“The Scorpa is quite an easy ma­chine to ride as the con­trols are all easily at hand or foot and it’s only a case of mak­ing a few mi­nor per­sonal ad­just­ments that need to be car­ried out to be com­fort­able and in con­trol of the mo­tor­cy­cle. The Scorpa I rode to­day was lit­er­ally brand new and sold, so I had my ear bent by both ‘Yoomee’ and Nigel not to do any dam­age, which is not easy with my, shall we say, dif­fer­ent rid­ing style and, yes, I did crash – sorry!

“I have been in­volved with the changes to the 2016 model, hav­ing tried and tested the new ex­haust sys­tem, and it cer­tainly im­proves the power de­liv­ery and the mo­tor’s abil­ity to rev for ever; it cer­tainly can sing! Add this to the changes to the CDI set­tings, which made the power very user friendly in all sit­u­a­tions. In my opin­ion the di­aphragm clutch sys­tem is the best in the world. The Scorpa has a con­ven­tional ‘bas­ket’ type clutch and it was in this area where I found it took me the long­est to adapt, but for 99% of riders it will be fine.

“In ac­tion the ma­chine rides very well, with a pretty low feel to the han­dling which aids over­all bal­ance. It’s very sta­ble up river beds, but very ag­ile when a quick change of di­rec­tion is to be made. The gear­box has five good us­able gears as op­posed to the ma­jor­ity of the op­po­si­tion that has six. This is not an is­sue for me as I am very happy with any ma­chine that is in gear and goes for­ward! The steel tubu­lar frame has a good feel about it and it’s very easy to grip be­tween the legs for ma­chine po­si­tion­ing.

“Changes have been made to make for eas­ier main­te­nance, such as ac­cess to the ra­di­a­tor to check coolant lev­els. Other changes in­clude the move to Marzocchi front forks, which I do like, and gen­eral re­fine­ments in cer­tain ar­eas to im­prove qual­ity and main­te­nance, which has to be a good thing. The move to Scorpa has been good for me so next time you see one why not ask its owner if you could throw your leg over it – but please do not ride it as rad­i­cal as I do if it’s not your own!”


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