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Since the be­gin­ning, Oset have tried to cap­ture the essence of mo­tor­cy­cling, in­ject­ing fun and safety in the de­sign of the mod­els. What started with a bike

for three-year-olds soon de­vel­oped into prod­ucts for older rid­ers. The com­pe­ti­tion side of the mar­ket de­vel­oped quickly and cre­ated the need for ‘Rac­ing’ ver­sions of each bike. The suc­cess of the bikes in com­pe­ti­tion has been well doc­u­mented over the years. Oset 20.0R mod­els have won the Bri­tish D Class Cham­pi­onship for the last three years, and petrol mo­tor­cy­cles are now the odd­ity rather than the norm. In ad­di­tion, the Youth classes have

gone from be­ing very ‘thin’ to be­ing very healthy.

It is only

nat­u­ral for Oset to want to keep their well-earned cus­tomer base. They ad­mit that, at the mo­ment, at a cer­tain age rid­ers still look to mov­ing on to petrol ma­chines. Oset have never shied away from this and ac­tu­ally em­brace this re­al­ity. When the rid­ers do make the move, they are well-formed rid­ers with great skills. This has been openly demon­strated by ex-Oset rid­ers do­ing so well in Na­tional com­pe­ti­tions on petrol ma­chines.

Ten-year-old Jack Dance is a twice-Na­tional Cham­pion al­ready and he started at the age of three on an Oset. Harry Turner won the 80cc C class Medium Wheel ti­tle in his first year ‘post Oset’ hav­ing gone from age 2 to 9 on Os­ets. Look­ing down the re­sults, many rid­ers at the sharp end of the Youth Cham­pi­onships come from an Oset back­ground, from Harry Hem­ing­way, to Henry Stephen­son, to Oliver Smith. This trend will in­crease as the great num­ber of cur­rent Oset rid­ers comes through. The Oset Cup Se­ries around the coun­try, and the Na­tional Cham­pi­onship it­self are clearly breed­ing grounds for fu­ture cham­pi­ons, and the UK is lead­ing the way.


As a UK based com­pany, Oset hopes to keep push­ing the en­ve­lope into the fu­ture. All re­search and de­vel­op­ment is done in the UK and a de­sign team is in place de­vel­op­ing the cur­rent range and ex­cit­ing new projects.

The Oset 24.0 was born out of the team’s de­sire to of­fer a great play bike for teens and adults, and a great com­pe­ti­tion bike for pre-teens. The Oset 24.0 pushes the change to petrol ma­chines back fur­ther. They launched this bike as a ‘con­cept’ ma­chine at the In­ter­na­tional Dirt Bike Show at the end of 2014. Since then mul­ti­ple pro­to­types have been built, and have been used for com­pe­ti­tion and for play rid­ing. Do­minic Horne took a fine 2nd place over­all in the ‘D Medium Wheels’ in 2015. Sophie Bai­ley also took se­cond over­all in the girls’ C Na­tion­als, bag­ging two wins along the way. Now Myles Hutchin­son, af­ter fin­ish­ing third over­all in the D class on his 20.0R, has hopped straight onto a 24.0 and is pro­duc­ing some great re­sults al­ready. At Oset Cup events and demon­stra­tions Oliver Smith has rid­den his 24.0 all year, usu­ally draw­ing a bit of a crowd!

Mean­while, as a play bike the 24.0 pro­to­types have un­der­gone se­ri­ous stress test­ing in the hands of adult stunt/test rider and YouTube sen­sa­tion Chris Northover with some of his ‘ex­treme’ friends, and with pro­fes­sional stunt rider Jack Field in Aus­tralia. Chris re­lated the story of a dawn ride to the top of a Welsh moun­tain, and the sur­real feel­ing of a mo­tor­cy­cle be­ing ‘at peace’ with the coun­try­side and pro­vid­ing an ex­pe­ri­ence that he sim­ply could not have had on a petrol mo­tor­cy­cle.


This test­ing pro­gramme has re­sulted in a bike that serves two pur­poses. On the one hand it is a fan­tas­tic play bike for teens and adults. On the other, it is a com­pe­ti­tion bike for the Youth classes ca­pa­ble of mix­ing it up with Medium Wheel 80cc tri­als ma­chines.

The tech­nol­ogy in the Oset 24.0 has not been of­fi­cially an­nounced, but it is clear that many cus­tom parts are go­ing into it. The mo­tor and bat­tery pack will be high-per­for­mance units, with lithium bat­ter­ies as stan­dard and a new high­per­for­mance mo­tor fit­ted. Wheels, tyres, sus­pen­sion and brakes will all be suited to the task with the tra­di­tional Oset ad­justa­bil­ity on board straight out of the box.


“The 24.0 has gone through a year of de­vel­op­ment, and we are now on ver­sion 6. It will not be a com­pet­i­tive tri­als bike for adults but will be a bril­liant play bike. For the younger kids mov­ing up to the 80cc class it will cer­tainly do ‘the job’ in com­pe­ti­tions, as has been proven by Sophie and Do­minic al­ready.

“As with all Os­ets, the real ben­e­fit is be­ing able to prac­tice and have fun ev­ery day. Pulling a petrol ma­chine out once a week is not the same as hav­ing the abil­ity to ride ev­ery day. The 80cc ma­chines are hard work for many young rid­ers, and their skills can stag­nate un­til they are big enough to move them around; the 24.0 fills the gap and is a great op­tion. At the same time, teens and adults have some­thing to play on dur­ing the week. The 24.0 is com­pletely ad­justable for power and re­sponse so raw begin­ners have a great place to start too.”

The ob­vi­ous ques­tions are ‘when’ and ‘how much’. Oset are re­main­ing tight-lipped but have said the bike will be in pro­duc­tion later in 2016 and the price will be very rea­son­able.

The Fu­ture?“I wasn’t brought up on elec­tric bikes and it took me a few min­utes to start get­ting the hang of rid­ing one again. It is a dif­fer­ent ex­pe­ri­ence but in many ways, it is the same. Clean­ing a chal­leng­ing sec­tion gives the same sat­is­fac­tion. It’s great fun!”TRIAL MAG­A­ZINE“I started rid­ing Os­ets when I was three years old. They are bril­liant for prac­tis­ing on in the back gar­den. I’d love to have one of th­ese”87Toby Mar­tyn (A Class – Age 15):Jack Dance (C Class – Age 10):

88I’ve grown up on Os­ets but the 24.0 has brought on my rid­ing mas­sively over the year. Be­cause it is a sim­i­lar size to my 125cc petrol mo­tor­cy­cle the 24.0 has al­lowed me to per­fect the skills well enough to use them in com­pe­ti­tion. The 24.0 is def­i­nitely the ideal play and train­ing bike, and it looks fan­tas­tic to top it off!”Do­minic Horne (D Class – Age 9): “I started the 2015 sea­son on my Oset 20.0R then Ian got me a 24.0 to test for the rest of the sea­son. It is a great bike. I’ve grown into it more now so I’m look­ing for­ward to a great 2016 sea­son.”“I’m on the very first Oset 24.0 that was built af­ter in­her­it­ing it from Oliver. I love it and can’t wait to get my hands on a pro­duc­tion bike when they come out.”Oliver Smith:“

Myles Hutchin­son (D Class – Age 9):

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