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The TRP tri­als shock ab­sorber is a great up­grade for any tri­als rider to ob­tain a bet­ter sus­pen­sion setup, as it al­lows for a wide range of ad­just­ments to be made to the rear damp­ing us­ing the an­odised ser­rated roller. The ques­tion you have to ask your­self is are you happy with the rear sus­pen­sion on your ma­chine? In truth many riders do not know how to set their ma­chine up, and that’s where the TRP rear shock can help. Go to a good rep­utable tri­als dealer who sup­plies the prod­uct and ask for some gen­eral ad­vice – or maybe it’s eas­ier to talk with one of the more pro­fes­sional riders who un­der­stands how the rear sus­pen­sion should be set!

Main Fea­tures: Fully ad­justable re­bound — Pro­gres­sive damp­ing — Top qual­ity CNC ma­chined alu­minium parts — An­odised ser­rated roller for easy ad­just­ment — Made and as­sem­bled in Bel­gium.

The shocks are based on rider weight via the wide range of dif­fer­ent springs avail­able. Ev­ery shock has a dif­fer­ent damp­ing for the weight-spe­cific spring. There is a pis­ton in­side the shock to sep­a­rate the ni­tro­gen from the oil, which is why there is no need for the ex­ter­nal reser­voir like on other shocks. TRP shocks are avail­able through ev­ery Off Road Ac­tion dealer world­wide.

The test charts for ev­ery shock are safely guarded in our archives. In this way we can com­pare a shock with its orig­i­nal cy­cle when it comes back for ser­vice or re­pair and trace the ex­act ori­gin of the prob­lem. For ex­am­ple, in some cases we’ve seen...

Here we see a TRP on the dyno. Af­ter as­sem­bly ev­ery shock is care­fully tested on the dyno to check if the right val­ues have been achieved and if ev­ery­thing works fine. We work with hy­draulic damp­ing in our shocks, which means that the first con­tact on...

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