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With four rounds of the pro­posed eight now con­tested, the 2018 ACU Bri­tish Cham­pi­onship is giv­ing us some good in­di­ca­tions as to who has their eyes on the ti­tles. In the cham­pi­onship class James Da­bill (Beta) con­tin­ues to stamp his author­ity with a full house of wins, the same as Ross Danby (TRS UK) in the new-for-2018 Mas­ters class. It is not the case in the Ex­pert class, but with two wins to his name Richard Sadler (Beta-UK/Ack­lams) has opened up a clear lead. An­other new class in 2018 is the Youth Elite, and it’s the bright young tal­ents of Mitch Bright­more (JST Gas Gas UK) and Gus Oblein who have locked horns in the bat­tle for supremacy. The Kelly’s Farm venue hosted round four, the Antony Rew Trial run by the West of Eng­land Mo­tor Club, in very hu­mid over­cast con­di­tions tak­ing in the usual three laps of twelve haz­ards.

Cham­pi­onship Class

Hav­ing the abil­ity to al­ways raise your game is a tal­ent that James Da­bill has shown over his younger ri­val Jack Price. It was highly ev­i­dent at round four at the heav­ily wooded Kelly’s Farm venue as he put him un­der pres­sure from as early as the open­ing lap. It was the rugged out­crop of rocks on sec­tion seven where Da­bill gained his ad­van­tage, as Price stopped and Da­bill parted with three marks lost. They both lost two on time, but on the sec­ond lap Da­bill put the ham­mer down with a lap score of four com­pared to his ri­val’s eleven. Price fought back to close the score on the fi­nal lap with four marks lost, but the dam­age had been done, and Da­bill re­mains well clear at the top of the cham­pi­onship ta­ble with win num­ber four.

The elder of the two Peace broth­ers Dan re­mains a con­stant threat, but it’s the lack of con­sis­tency he needs to ad­dress be­fore he can chal­lenge for the win that no doubt will come. Af­ter a huge crash on sec­tion seven on the first lap, it was a slightly ‘de­tuned’ Toby Mar­tyn who was the big­gest loser in the cham­pi­onship chase, fin­ish­ing in sev­enth po­si­tion. It was good to see Iwan Roberts back in ac­tion, and no doubt when once back to full fit­ness he will be able to start chal­leng­ing for the top po­si­tions.


RE­SULTS: 1: James Da­bill (Beta) 20; 2: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 26; 3: Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 45; 4: Jack Shep­pard (MRS Sherco) 61; 5: Jack Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 66; 6: Iwan Roberts (TRS UK) 69; 7: Toby Mar­tyn (RG Mon­tesa/Honda UK) 73; 8: Andy Chilton (BMS Scorpa Andy Met­calfe) 84; 9: Sam Connor (Beta-UK) 100; 10: Tom Minta (BMS Scorpa) 119; 11: Billy Green (Beta-UK) 122; 12: Dec Bul­lock (Gas Gas) 136; 13: Hugo Jervis (AB TRS) 146.


RE­SULTS: 1: Da­bill 80; 2: Price 64; 3: Dan Peace 60; 4: Mar­tyn 50; 5: Jack Peace 44; 6: Shep­pard 43; 7: Chilton 37; 8: Minta 26; 9: Connor 19; 10: Green 18; 11: Bul­lock 16; 12: Alexz Wigg (JST Gas Gas UK) 16; 13: Jack Chal­loner (Craig’s Mon­tesa) 14; 14: Roberts 10; 15: Jervis 10.

Mas­ters Class

It’s TRS mounted Ross Danby who con­tin­ues his to­tal dom­i­na­tion the Mas­ters class, who ride the eas­i­est half of the Cham­pi­onship sec­tions and the hard­est half of the Ex­pert sec­tions. In its first year as a cham­pi­onship class, it’s not at­tracted many rid­ers, but this takes away no credit from the vastly ex­pe­ri­enced Ross Danby on the TRS. The first three wins might have been closer, but he was bang on form in Devon, win­ning by a healthy mar­gin from Sam Haslam. Tom Af­fleck re­mains sec­ond in the cham­pi­onship as he still chases that elu­sive win.


RE­SULTS: 1: Ross Danby (TRS UK) 37; 2: Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas UK) 65; 3: Tom Af­fleck (180° Ver­tigo) 97; 4: Oliver Smith (Gas Gas) 121.


RE­SULTS: 1: Danby 80; 2: Af­fleck 62; 3: Haslam 51; 4: Gwynedd Jones (Beta) 39; 5: Dun­can McColl (Beta) 15; 6: Smith 13.

Ex­pert Class

Some would call it a home ad­van­tage, but I would call it a rider on form as Joe Baker dom­i­nated the class at Kelly’s Farm. It was very much the case for the other win­ner in this class Ben Mor­phett at round one, but cham­pi­onship leader Richard Sadler is very much a man of con­sis­tency. His two run­ner­sup po­si­tions have put him clear at the top of the cham­pi­onship as his near­est ri­val, and good friend Guy Ken­drew looks for his first win in the cham­pi­onship in 2018. Baker was a man on a mis­sion at round four as he rode off into the dis­tance to claim the vic­tory. Not even the dif­fi­cult sec­tion seven held any fears for him as he recorded three cleans; he was the only rider to record sin­gle-lap scores dur­ing the day’s ac­tion.

Hold­ing onto third in the cham­pi­onship is Dan Thorpe. He had an off day fin­ish­ing a lowly 10th, which has lost him quite a lot of ground in the cham­pi­onship. Chris Stay man­aged to split James Fry from his part­ner Emma Bris­tow, who once again had a good day bat­tling for the top five po­si­tions. Luke Walker re­mains in fourth po­si­tion, but you can bet that the bat­tle to make the top five at the close of the cham­pi­onship will be­come much closer as the sea­son pro­gresses.


RE­SULTS: 1: Joe Baker (Ac­tive Sherco) 13; 2: Richard Sadler (Beta-UK/Ack­lams) 27; 3: Guy Ken­drew (Beta-UK) 30; 4: James Fry (Sherco) 31; 5: Chris Stay (TRS UK) 40; 6: Emma Bris­tow (Sherco) 45; 7: Luke Walker (Sherco) 46; 8: Kieran Child (Colin Ap­p­le­yard Gas Gas) 50; 9: Sam Yeo­mans (JST Gas Gas UK) 51; 10: Dan Thorpe (JST Gas Gas UK) 58; 11: Conrad Atkin­son (Sherco) 65; 12: Thomas Moss (Gas Gas) 87; 13: Iwan Jones (TRS) 87; 14: Lloyd Price (AB Mo­tor­cy­cles TRS) 90; 15: Tom Cul­li­ford (BVM TRS UK) 98.


RE­SULTS: 1: Sadler 74; 2: Ken­drew 60; 3: Thorpe 47; 4: Walker 43; 5: Fry 39; 6: Stay 37; 7: Bris­tow 34; 8: Yeo­mans 31; 9: Baker 20; 10: Ben Mor­phett (Mon­tesa) 20; 11: Pear­son 13; 12: Child 13; 13: Conrad Atkin­son (Sherco) 13; 14: Starmer 11; 15: Price 9.

Elite Youth

Rid­ing the 125cc ma­chines on the steep wooded hill­side which is Kelly’s Farm is a big ask, but the Youth Elite rid­ers put on a fan­tas­tic show of their skills. Round one win­ner Gus Oblein was knocked off the top spot at rounds two and three by the cur­rent cham­pi­onship leader Mitch Bright­more, but he came through at round four to take the vic­tory. On the open­ing lap, it was Bright­more who held the ad­van­tage, but Oblein came fight­ing back on the sec­ond lap with a score of 26 marks lost to his ri­val’s 31 — it was game on for the last lap! As it hap­pened Oblein slightly opened up the ad­van­tage once again to take the vic­tory.

Not far off the pace all day was Char­lie Smith on 98, who came home a clear third. Bright­more holds a six-point ad­van­tage at the top of the ta­ble at the half­way stage of the cham­pi­onship over Oblein with Smith next. The cham­pi­onship looks like it will go all the way to the wire, and do not put Brett Har­bud or Smith out of the fight yet as they both will be look­ing at tak­ing a win be­fore the close of the cham­pi­onship.


RE­SULTS: 1: Gus Oblein (Sherco) 89; 2: Mitch Bright­more (JST Gas Gas UK) 93; 3: Char­lie Smith (Inch Per­fect Tri­als Beta) 98; 4: Brett Har­bud (BVM Beta) 132; 5: Joshua Wright (Beta) 145.


RE­SULTS: 1: Bright­more 74; 2: Oblein 68; 3: Har­bud 58; 4: Smith 54; 5: Ryan Brown (Beta) 39; 6: Joshua Wright (Beta) 31; 7: Adam Juffs (TRS) 28.

James Da­bill (Beta)


Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas UK)

79 Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK)

Ross Danby (TRS UK)

Sam Haslam (JST Gas Gas UK)

Joe Baker (Ac­tive Sherco)

Chris Stay (TRS UK)

Guy Ken­drew (Beta-UK)

Richard Sadler (Beta-UK Ack­lams)

Gus Oblein (Sherco)

Mitch Bright­more (JST Gas Gas UK)

Char­lie Smith (Inch Per­fect Beta)

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