Toby Mar­tyn

We take a look at Toby Mar­tyn’s 2018 Trial2 sea­son in his own words.



QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 3RD, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 3RD, RE­SULT: 4TH My first lap was steady, it took me a bit of time to get into it and get a few sec­tions out the way but we put in some good rides. Then the sec­ond lap started with a bit of a dis­as­ter as the rain came and changed the sec­tions for the worse; as I was at the back of the pack it re­ally af­fected the first few haz­ards, which cost me a cou­ple of fives. This in turn cost me get­ting on the podium, which was not the re­sult we wanted! RE­SULTS: 1: Grat­tarola 13; 2: J Peace 27; 3: Gu­bian 31; 4: MAR­TYN 35; 5: Ge­labert 36. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Grat­tarola 20; 2: J Peace 17; 3: Gu­bian 15; 4: MAR­TYN 13; 5: Ge­labert 11.


DAY ONE: QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 4TH, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 5TH, RE­SULT: 1ST Motegi Ja­pan is, in my mind, one of the top venues to have in the cal­en­dar be­cause it’s so dif­fer­ent to ev­ery other venue. The trial on Sat­ur­day was set to be a scorcher; I went clean on the first six sec­tions and af­ter a dab in sec­tion seven I went on to clean the next four sec­tions. I started the sec­ond lap very strong and was rid­ing con­fi­dently, which meant we could put lap one be­hind us and start new. On reach­ing the end with a steady score, in my mind I was feel­ing like I could have saved a lot more marks. Get­ting to that score­board at the fin­ish and see­ing my name placed on top was a feel­ing I could never ex­plain. Def­i­nitely a re­sult to re­mem­ber be­ing it was my 18th birth­day as well! RE­SULTS: 1: MAR­TYN 11; 2: Grat­tarola 12; 3: D Peace 12; 4: Mar­celli 20; 5: J Peace 21. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Grat­tarola 37; 2: MAR­TYN 33; 3: J Peace 28; 4: D Peace 23; 5: Mar­celli 22. DAY TWO: RE­SULT: 3RD Try­ing to sleep the night af­ter win­ning was hard, I was still full of ex­cite­ment but we knew we had a cham­pi­onship to fight for. They made a few small changes to the sec­tions mak­ing them harder af­ter day one, but I still felt con­fi­dent. The open­ing lap went well but I still had a few too many small mis­takes, but we still placed in the top three. Then the sec­ond lap started good and we kept it con­sis­tent and the fives to a min­i­mum, which meant we could fin­ish on the last step of the podium but un­for­tu­nately we dropped to third in the cham­pi­onship.

RE­SULTS: 1: Grat­tarola 5; 2: Mar­celli 11; 3: MAR­TYN 13; 4: D Peace 16; 5: Riba 16. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Grat­tarola 57; 2: Mar­celli 49; 3: MAR­TYN 48; D Peace 36; 5: Moret 31.


QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 24TH, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 6TH, RE­SULT: 5TH An­dorra this year was a round to for­get for me. The trial was one of those days where your head had to be in the right place, I had a strong first lap putting me around the podium. I then went into the sec­ond lap feel­ing good, I started strong with a cou­ple of small mis­takes but had a slack five in one of the penul­ti­mate sec­tions. To fin­ish my day off I went and slipped off a log and fived the last sec­tion of the day fin­ish­ing in 5th, but I moved into sec­ond in the cham­pi­onship. RE­SULTS: 1: Grat­tarola 2; 2: Mar­celli 7; 3: J Peace 13; 5: Moret 15; 5: MAR­TYN 19. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Grat­tarola 77; 2: MAR­TYN 59; 3: Mar­celli 56; 4: J Peace 44; 5: Moret 44.


QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 5TH, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 2ND, RE­SULT: 4TH Set to be the hottest GP it cer­tainly didn’t dis­ap­point, be­ing around 30 de­grees-plus all week­end. The first lap on the Sun­day started well with one silly five, but I put that to one side and made sure my other mis­takes were not as dras­tic. On the sec­ond lap I kept away from the silly fives but too many slack dabs kept me off the podium; it was dam­age lim­i­ta­tion in terms of the re­sult but it meant we were still in a re­ally good po­si­tion in the cham­pi­onship.

RE­SULTS: 1: Dan Peace 13; 2: Ge­labert 16; 3: Mar­celli 17; 4: MAR­TYN 19; 5: Gan­dola 21.

CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Grat­tarola 83; 2: MAR­TYN 72; 3: Mar­celli 71; 4: D Peace 60; 5: Moret 54.


QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 1ST, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 2ND, RE­SULT: 1ST An­other high-al­ti­tude event on the cal­en­dar but it was set to be an awe­some week­end. An easy trial meant I had to keep my con­cen­tra­tion all day; I cleaned the first seven sec­tions then had a few low-risk dabs in the next cou­ple of sec­tions but it kept me in the run­ning, end­ing in joint sec­ond. The sec­ond lap started the same but I then went on to clean the first eight sec­tions and this put me in with a chance of clinch­ing the win, then a few safe marks in the mid­dle of the lap and a strong fin­ish meant we could take a very im­por­tant win in Auron. RE­SULTS: 1: MAR­TYN 6; 2: Mar­celli 8; 3: J Peace 8; 4: D Peace 9; 5: Ge­labert 11.

CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Grat­tarola 93; 2: MAR­TYN 92; 3: Mar­celli 88; 4: D Peace 73; 5: J Peace 67.


QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 4TH, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 1ST, RE­SULT: 1ST This was an in­ter­est­ing event and one to re­mem­ber, hav­ing dis­lo­cated my shoul­der on the Thurs­day. The trial was in­ter­est­ing to say the least, but hav­ing strapped my shoul­der up I felt I was go­ing to be all right. My first lap was steady, hav­ing one silly five in the mid­dle which kept me fur­ther off the lead. We went into the sec­ond lap just aim­ing to stay away from fives and keep it safe, and that’s what I did. To win this event re­ally was one to re­mem­ber and one that started to make the cham­pi­onship more in­ter­est­ing.

RE­SULTS: 1: MAR­TYN 18; 2: Grat­tarola 19; 3: Moret 20; 4: Pe­trella 22; 5: Mar­celli 29. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: MAR­TYN 112; 2: Grat­tarola 110; 3: Mar­celli 99; 4: D Peace 82; 5: J Peace 77.


QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 5TH, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 2ND, RE­SULT: 4TH I ar­rived here to win and with the sup­port from the home crowd that’s what I did, a huge thanks to you all. With the sum­mer break in the cham­pi­onship leav­ing me feel­ing fresh I blitzed qual­i­fy­ing and car­ried that con­fi­dence into the trial. In a very close fin­ish my min­der Sam kept me fo­cused and the re­sult was ex­actly what we wanted and I opened up a small point’s gap for the last round in Italy. RE­SULTS: 1: MAR­TYN 20; 2: Grat­tarola 20; 3: Mar­celli 22; 4: J Peace 29; 5: Gan­dola 33. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: MAR­TYN 132; 2: Grat­tarola 127; 3: Mar­celli 114; 4: D Peace 92; 5: J Peace 90.


QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 2ND, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 1ST, RE­SULT: 3RD I felt very good in qual­i­fy­ing, which was re­flected in the re­sult. I was not at my best in the trial but I fought all the way un­til the end. To lose on what was an ob­server’s change of mind was very dis­ap­point­ing, but I ac­cept the fi­nal cham­pi­onship re­sults and look for­ward to 2019 – I will be back! RE­SULTS: 1: Grat­tarola 2; 2: Mar­celli 18; 3: MAR­TYN 22; 4: Pe­trella 23; 5: Moret 31. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Grat­tarola 147; 2: MAR­TYN 147; 3: Mar­celli 131; 4: D Peace 102; 5: J Peace 99.

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