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The fact that Billy Green is the FIM TrIal125 World Cham­pion is a credit to him­self and his fam­ily. Mix­ing school ed­u­ca­tion to se­cure his fu­ture with com­pet­ing in the world cham­pi­onship would make for test­ing times for any fam­ily. With sup­port from dad Colin as min­der and num­ber one me­chanic the Beta has not missed a beat all year, while mum Louise has kept the team fed and wa­tered. Billy, as a rider, is ma­tur­ing all the time and in 2019 he will move up to the Trial2 class as def­i­nitely a name to watch.

Dur­ing a sum­mer away from school be­fore he moves to the sixth form to fur­ther his ed­u­ca­tion he has been work­ing for his un­cle’s fenc­ing com­pany and also putting in the hours of prac­tice on a 250cc ready for 2019 — yes, he is that keen! Here we look at Billy Green’s 2018 Trial125 sea­son in his own words.


QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 11TH, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 6TH, RE­SULT: 1ST I ar­rived rel­a­tively fresh and well pre­pared for the trial in the camper­van with my par­ents af­ter the overnight drive from Eng­land. Mum Louise does all the cook­ing on the trip and keep­ing wa­ter bot­tles filled and food cooked for the week­ends, while dad Colin keeps his eye on me and the machine. Fri­day was a day of pho­tos, sign­ing on and a brief sec­tion walk, and a ride into town as part of a dis­play for the lo­cals. I also had to get used to the 125cc af­ter rid­ing the 250cc in the BTC in the weeks prior to this event. I was very ner­vous in Q1 and parted with a mark as I was stupidly push­ing on a bit, but in Q2 I moved up to 6th which I was happy with as I was wor­ried about start­ing first on Sun­day. On race day the sun was out, but rain was fore­cast later in the day. My open­ing lap went well apart from one five-mark penalty but I soon found my rhythm again to hold a good ad­van­tage over my ri­vals. On the sec­ond lap the rain did come, but I won by a hand­some mar­gin and so it was a happy ride home.

RE­SULTS: 1: Green 25; 2: Robo 44; 3: Rovery 45; 4: Poirot 49; 5: Dufrese 51. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Green 25; 2: Robo 44; 3: Rovery 45; 4: Poirot 49; 5: Dufrese 51.


DAY ONE: QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 1ST, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 3RD, RE­SULT: 5TH Hav­ing com­peted in Ja­pan in 2017 this ex­pe­ri­ence was not as new and ex­cit­ing to me; in­stead, be­ing in the week off be­tween four weeks of GCSEs it was go­ing to be stress­ful. Colin and I flew from Heathrow on Tues­day morn­ing on a di­rect flight to Haneda In­ter­na­tional air­port near Tokyo. The 13-hour flight was not the ideal time for re­vi­sion! We ar­rived in Ja­pan and col­lected our hire car, and headed for Twin Ring Motegi. We were slightly jet lagged and fell asleep when we ar­rived very eas­ily. In the morn­ing we woke up a lit­tle late and rushed down­stairs just in time for break­fast. In the pad­dock we ‘fet­tled’ the 125cc Beta to my lik­ing. Feel­ing com­fort­able, I set a de­cent time in qual­i­fy­ing that sat us in the top three, ready for race day num­ber one. It was a very easy trial, demon­strated by my sin­gle mark on the sec­ond lap which was let down by stop­ping twice on a steep, loose hill on my first lap. It was to­tally my fault and I got back to the ho­tel and cleared my head ready for day two.

RE­SULTS: 1: Robo 7; 2: Dufrese 9; 3: Suarez 11; 4: Miquel 11; 5: Green 13. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Robo 37; 2: Green 31; 3: Dufrese 28; 4: Suarez 25; 5: Rovery 21.

DAY TWO: RE­SULT: 1ST Af­ter a night of re­vi­sion and some solid sleep we headed down to the pad­dock. I warmed up on the ob­sta­cles in the car park and felt good for day two. It was a slightly harder trial and I took the win on the ‘most ones’ tie-de­cider, which was a re­lief! Af­ter the trial dad spent his time strip­ping the machine of my own parts while I made my way with fel­low Brit Toby Mar­tyn to the podium – Happy!

RE­SULTS: Green 12; 2: Miquel 12; 3: Suarez 17; 4: Rovery 17; 5: Poirot 19. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Green 51; 2: Robo 47; 3: Suarez 40; 4: Miquel 37; 5: Dufrese 37.


QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 4TH, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 3RD, RE­SULT: 1ST Fri­day morn­ing at 09:00 as my last exam was start­ing, it was about a sim­i­lar time as the pad­dock opened – great! This was the tight­est trial this year with ex­ams, and in the­ory we had just enough time to get there on Fri­day evening. Colin’s job was to get the Beta though scru­ti­neer­ing. We flew from Bris­tol to Barcelona and landed about 21:00 but it wasn’t un­til 22:30, when mum had bit­ten all of her nails off, that we headed for An­dorra ar­riv­ing at 01:00 Sat­ur­day morn­ing. At 05:30am dad woke me to go and walk the sec­tions, which was a beau­ti­ful ex­pe­ri­ence. Qual­i­fy­ing on the Main Street was tight and tech­ni­cal, a sec­tion where it was easy to make mis­takes. In Q2 I thought I had made too many mis­takes but I got 3rd. Race day, and again an­other rel­a­tively easy trial with me pick­ing up a five and two sin­gle ‘dabs’ on the open­ing lap. On the sec­ond lap I felt on fire and I cleaned the en­tire lap. It wasn’t un­til the end of the last sec­tion that I re­alised I had won and every­one wanted my photo, a su­perb feel­ing! RE­SULTS: 1: Green 7; 2: Miquel 10; 3: Suarez 11; 5: Rovery 16; 5: Riobo 20

CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Green 71; 2: Robo 58; 3: Suarez 55; 4: Miquel 54; 5: Dufrese 47.


QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 5TH, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 4TH, RE­SULT: 1ST It was a very hot and dry venue, and that suited me very well. In Q2 I didn’t feel so fast but it still put me into 4th po­si­tion. I felt re­ally good for the trial and the first six sec­tions went well un­til a lit­tle mis­take – catch­ing my clutch lever on a rock – cost me a one, and then on the next sec­tion the tape was pulled right and oth­ers were caught for snap­ping it, so I went a bit closer to the dou­ble step but failed to reach the sum­mit. This was fol­lowed by an­other fail­ure later. On the sec­ond lap I dug re­ally deep and fought it un­til the very end on ev­ery hazard and com­pleted the lap los­ing just one mark to take a well-earned vic­tory.

RE­SULTS: 1: Green 14; 2: Suarez 17; 3: Riobo 20; 4: Miquel 21; 5: Dufrese 27. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: 1: Green 91; 2: Riobo 73; 3: Suarez 72; 4: Miquel 67; 5: Dufrese 58.


QUAL­I­FY­ING 1: 4TH, QUAL­I­FY­ING 2: 4TH, RE­SULT: 3RD I rode qual­i­fy­ing with the trial in mind and rode it at my own pace. It was very much the same in the trial. I should have rid­den bet­ter and it would have been good to close the sea­son with a win, but I am the World Cham­pion – I am so happy! RE­SULTS: 1: Riobo 13; 2: Rabino 13; 3: Green 16; 4: Dufrese 22; 5: Suarez 23. CHAM­PI­ONSHIP: : Green 106; 2: Riobo 93; 3: Suarez 83; 4: Miquel 77; 5: Dufrese 71.

Round 1 Spain: Look­ing very fit and well pre­pared, it was an early sea­son win that was just re­ward for all the hard work in the win­ter.

Round 2, Day One Ja­pan: Billy openly ad­mits the poor re­sult was his own fault.

TRIAL MAG­A­ZINE Round 4 Por­tu­gal: Dig­ging re­ally deep into his young tal­ent the cham­pagne tasted very nice on the podium in a very warm event.

Round 3 An­dorra: De­spite a late ar­rival on the Sat­ur­day the win was just what the doc­tor or­dered.

Round 2, Day Two Ja­pan: You can never keep a good man down!

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