Bri­tish Cham­pi­onship Solo/Ladies/Side­car/Youth


It was time to move ‘up North’ for round five of the 2018 ACU Bri­tish Cham­pi­onship from the pre­vi­ous round at Kelly’s Farm in the south, and with it came a change of weather from the warm sum­mer we have en­joyed. With a new venue for the John Har­daker Tro­phy at Ais­laby, above the sea­side re­sort of Whitby in North York­shire, the wind and rain re­turned to fall on the event. With a dry open­ing lap the rain then came and changed the na­ture of the manda­tory twelve haz­ards to be rid­den three times. In an eas­ier than ex­pected Bri­tish Cham­pi­onship round the lead­ers in all the four classes re­mained clear at the top of the points ta­bles with both James Da­bill (Beta) and Ross Danby (TRS UK) keep­ing their one-hun­dred-per­cent win­ning records in­tact. A to­tal of 38 rid­ers were en­tered across Cham­pi­onship, Ex­pert, Masters and Elite Youth classes in this Guis­bor­ough DMCC Ltd event. Cham­pi­onship Class

Never a rider to look un­der pres­sure even at a low-scor­ing event, the com­bi­na­tion of James Da­bill and the Beta con­tinue to dom­i­nate this year’s cham­pi­onship. His open­ing lap score of three was made up of a sin­gle mark on sec­tion seven and a two on sec­tion nine, which was bet­tered by both of his clos­est cham­pi­onship ri­vals Jack Price and the older of the two Peace broth­ers Dan as they lost one mark each. As for many of the other cham­pi­onship class rid­ers, part­ing with a five pushed them way out of the equa­tion. As the rain started to fall at the open­ing of the sec­ond lap all the rid­ers upped their pace as it started to af­fect the haz­ards. As any top-class rider would, Da­bill opened up the ad­van­tage with a fault­less lap look­ing very con­fi­dent as Price lost his ad­van­tage, whilst Peace chased Da­bill los­ing just a sin­gle mark. On the last lap the heav­ens opened and the haz­ards all be­came more dif­fi­cult as the rain changed their na­ture com­pletely. Da­bill was now at his very best and once again, as we have seen all sea­son, he left his ri­vals with no an­swer to his con­sis­tency as he had an­other clear lap to record his fifth win and in­crease his ad­van­tage in the points ta­ble.


RE­SULTS: 1: James Da­bill (Beta) 3; 2: Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK) 6; 3: Dan Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 9; 4: Jack Peace (JST Gas Gas UK) 16; 5: Toby Mar­tyn (RG Mon­tesa/Honda UK) 24; 6: Iwan Roberts (TRS UK) 24; 7: Jack Shep­pard (MRS Sherco) 28; 8: Tom Minta (BMS Scorpa) 32; 9: Billy Green (Beta-UK) 33; 10: Jack Chal­loner (Craig’s Mon­tesa) 39; 11: Andy Chilton (BMS Scorpa Andy Met­calfe) 41; 12: Dec Bul­lock (Gas Gas) 65; 13: Hugo Jervis (AB TRS) 76.


RE­SULTS: 1: Da­bill 100; 2: Price 81; 3: Dan Peace 75; 4: Mar­tyn 61; 5: Jack Peace 57; 6: Shep­pard 52; 7: Chilton 42; 8: Minta 35; 9: Green 25; 10: Roberts 20; 11: Chal­loner 20; 12: Bul­lock 20; 13: Con­nor 19; 14: Wigg 16; 15: Jervis 13.

Masters Class

Take noth­ing away from TRS mounted Ross Danby in this poorly sup­ported class as he nev­er­the­less con­tin­ues his to­tal dom­i­na­tion of the Masters class, who ride the eas­i­est half of the Cham­pi­onship sec­tions and the hard­est half of the Ex­pert sec­tions. As he demon­strated in the pre­vi­ous round he has the up­per hand over his ri­vals with, once again, a clear vic­tory over lo­cal rider Adam Mil­ner (TRS UK) as his clos­est cham­pi­onship chal­lenger Tom Af­fleck (180° Vertigo) was pushed into third. Adding some in­ter­na­tional flavour to the event was Aus­tralia’s Con­nor Ho­gan (Gas Gas) who fin­ished fourth.


RE­SULTS: 1: Ross Danby (TRS UK) 14; 2: Adam Mil­ner (TRS UK) 26; 3: Tom Af­fleck (180° Vertigo) 34; 4: Con­nor Ho­gan (Gas Gas) 68. 2018 CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS RE­SULTS: 1: Danby 100; 2: Af­fleck 77; 3: Haslam 51; 4: Jones 39; 5: Mil­ner 17; 6: McColl 15; 7: Smith 13; 8: Ho­gan 13.

Ex­pert Class Af­ter Joe Baker to­tally dom­i­nated the class at Kelly’s Farm it was the turn of an­other Sherco rider Luke Walker to win this very closely con­tested class. Hav­ing a seven-week break from tri­als ap­pears to have done Luke good as he put in a su­perb ride to push the Beta pair­ing of series leader Paul Sadler and sec­ond-placed cham­pi­onship con­tender Guy Ken­drew down the re­sults. Three sin­gle marks on each of the three laps on dif­fer­ent haz­ards gave the vic­tory to Walker as, once again, with low scores the case of in­cur­ring a sin­gle five-mark penalty meant it was game over to chal­lenge for the win. None of the top three in­curred a five, which re­sulted in the close fin­ish. Paul Sadler still re­mains clear at the top of the cham­pi­onship with a healthy ad­van­tage. EX­PERT CLASS RE­SULTS: 1: Luke Walker (Sherco) 3; 2: Guy Ken­drew (Beta-UK) 5; 3: Richard Sadler (Beta-UK/Ack­lams) 6; 4: James Fry (Sherco) 9; 5: Chris Stay (TRS UK) 10; 6: Sam Yeo­mans (JST Gas Gas UK) 20; 7: Dan Thorpe (JST Gas Gas UK) 20; 8: Con­rad Atkin­son (Sherco) 20; 9: Emma Bris­tow (Sherco) 20; 10: Tom Cul­li­ford (TRS) 27; 11: Josh Han­lon (Beta) 36; 12: Iwan Jones (TRS) 43; 13: Aldis Blacker (Gas Gas) 56; 14: James Saun­ders (TRS UK) 106; 15: Jake Eley (Beta) 107. 2018 CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS RE­SULTS: 1: Sadler 89; 2: Ken­drew 77; 3: Walker 63; 4: Thorpe 56; 5: Fry 52; 6: Stay 48; 7: Bris­tow 41; 8: Yeo­mans 41; 9: Atkin­son 21; 10: Baker 20; 10: Mor­phett 20; 12: Han­lon 14; 13: Pear­son 13; 14: Child 13; 15: Starmer 11. Elite Youth Cham­pi­onship leader Mitch Bright­more (JST Gas Gas UK) must have thought he had lost the chance to fight for vic­tory as cham­pi­onship chal­lenger Char­lie Smith (Inch Per­fect Tri­als Beta) scored the low­est lap of the trial on his first of the three. Re­turn­ing to ac­tion af­ter a bro­ken col­lar­bone, Bright­more came fight­ing back to even things up on the sec­ond lap with it all to play for on the fi­nal lap. It was sheer de­ter­mi­na­tion that gave Bright­more the vic­tory as the haz­ards de­te­ri­o­rated with the rain, as his lap score of nine was head and shoul­ders above the rest of the rid­ers. With Gus Oblein (Sherco) pushed down to third the cham­pi­onship ad­van­tage has opened up slightly in Bright­more’s favour. EX­PERT CLASS RE­SULTS: 1: Mitch Bright­more (JST Gas Gas UK) 31; 2: Char­lie Smith (Inch Per­fect Tri­als Beta) 40; 3: Gus Oblein (Sherco) 48; 4: Brett Har­bud (BVM Beta) 64; 5: Ryan Brown (Beta) 75; 6: Adam Juffs (TRS) 119. 2018 CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS RE­SULTS: 1: Bright­more 94; 2: Oblein 83; 3: Har­bud 71; 4: Smith 71; 5: Brown 50; 6: Juffs 38; 7: Wright 31.

James Da­bill (Beta)

Jack Price (JST Gas Gas UK)

Luke Walker (Sherco)

Ross Danby (TRS UK)

Dan Peace (Gas Gas)

Adam Mil­ner (TRS UK)

Guy Ken­drew (Beta-UK)

Char­lie Smith (Inch Per­fect Beta)

Mitch Bright­more (JST Gas Gas UK)

Richard Sdaler (Ack­lams Beta-UK)

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