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What a fin­ish to the 2018 Ack­lams Beta ACU Bri­tish Youth Cham­pi­onship rounds at the tough and de­mand­ing Bracken Rocks venue. The Mans­field Maun MCC had laid out a three-lap course tak­ing in twelve haz­ards. The sun­shine of a warm July kept the ac­tion ‘hot’ as the rid­ers bat­tled for the top spots in their re­spec­tive classes. It’s been an ex­cit­ing series which has seen good sup­port in the var­i­ous classes, apart from the A Class. The ACU gave two choices of cham­pi­onships for the rid­ers, which has left a di­vide of which one to com­pete in. Tak­ing away no credit from the win­ner it is a fact that it’s killed this cham­pi­onship for the A class rid­ers with only five pointss­cor­ing rid­ers dur­ing the whole sea­son.

A Class Cham­pion: Joe Faun­thorpe (Ack­lams Beta) Tak­ing the cham­pi­onship by the clos­est of mar­gins, with a sin­gle point be­ing the dif­fer­ence be­tween Joe Faun­thorpe (Beta) and Daniel Slack (Sherco) has seen the win­ner hold the up­per hand with three wins to Slack’s two in the five rounds con­tested. At Bracken Rocks the first lap swung both ways be­fore they both fin­ished on 24 marks lost. On the sec­ond and fi­nal lap it was time for Faun­thorpe to stamp his au­thor­ity on the event as he re­turned two sin­gle-lap scores, pulling away from Slack who had no an­swer to the even­tual win­ner’s fan­tas­tic form when it mat­tered. These two rid­ers have fought very hard for the cham­pi­onship and Faun­thorpe left him­self some work to do as he slipped to third po­si­tion at round three, but he never lost sight of the cham­pi­onship and is a very wor­thy win­ner. ROUND 5: MANS­FIELD MAUN RE­SULTS: 1: Joe Faun­thorpe (Beta) 41; 2: Daniel Slack (Sherco) 55; 3: William Clarke (Beta) 115. 2018 A CLASS CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS RE­SULTS: 1: Faun­thorpe 92; 2: Slack 91; 3: Har­ris 45; 4: Dal­ton 41; 5: Clarke 26.

B Class Cham­pion: Ben Dig­nan (Gas Gas)

What a tight cham­pi­onship this has been, with Scot­land’s Ben Dig­nan re­main­ing fo­cussed to even­tu­ally take the ti­tle af­ter a sea­son-long bat­tle with even­tual sec­ond and third-placed fin­ish­ers Jack Dance and Reece Gaz­zard. De­spite Dance and Gaz­zard win­ning the open­ing rounds, with Ben fin­ish­ing as run­ner-up on both oc­ca­sions he knew that once had taken the win at round three he was on a level play­ing field with his two ri­vals. Com­pet­ing in the Trial125 class of the Trial World Cham­pi­onship has seen him use this ex­pe­ri­ence to take a vi­tal vic­tory at round four as Dance slipped to third on the day. As both Dance and Gaz­zard bat­tled with one an­other it was al­low­ing Dig­nan to creep ahead of these two to take the cham­pi­onship with a small but clear ad­van­tage. Small in stature but big on tal­ent, Harry Turner made fourth po­si­tion his own keep­ing well in front of an in­ter­est­ing bat­tle for fifth po­si­tion. This re­volved around Harry Bowyer, broth­ers Ross and Jamie Gal­loway and Har­vey Taglione, with Bowyer even­tu­ally win­ning this close bat­tle at the close of the cham­pi­onship hav­ing had bet­ter con­sis­tency in his re­sults. ROUND 5: MANS­FIELD MAUN RE­SULTS: 1: Jack Dance (Gas Gas) 7; 2: Ben Dig­nan (Gas Gas) 12; 3: Reece Gaz­zard (Scorpa) 30; 4: Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 48; 5: Har­vey Taglione (Gas Gas) 92; 6: Harry Bowyer (Gas Gas) 94; 7: Ross Gal­loway (TRS) 101; 8: Frankie Rhodes (Beta) 102; 9: Owen Chest­nut (Gas Gas) 103; 10: Jamie Gal­loway (TRS) 106. 2018 B CLASS CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS RE­SULTS: 1: Dig­nan 91; 2: Dance 85; 3: Gaz­zard 84; 4: Turner 61; 5: Bowyer 47; 6: Ross Gal­loway 45; 7: Jamie Gal­loway 42; 8: Taglione 42; 9: Minta 30; 10: Chest­nut 26.

C Class Stan­dard Wheel Cham­pion: Harry Hem­ing­way (Beta-UK) Al­ready look­ing like a star of the fu­ture the el­der (by two years) of the Hem­ing­way broth­ers Harry stamped his au­thor­ity on this cham­pi­onship from the word go with his younger brother Ge­orge sec­ond. Per­form­ing on the Beta with a ma­tu­rity above his young years Harry con­vinc­ingly won ev­ery round, with Ge­orge fol­low­ing suit in sec­ond po­si­tion. Be­hind these two the even­tual third-placed cham­pi­onship fin­isher Max Agar had a series-long bat­tle with Char­lie Cross­land. The fi­nal podium step was de­cided in the last two rounds as Cross­land un­did all the early-sea­son hard work with a close fin­ish giv­ing Agar the ver­dict by a mere two points. Just off the pace in fifth po­si­tion was Corey Pe­ters in this Beta-dom­i­nated youth class. ROUND 6: MANS­FIELD MAUN RE­SULTS: 1: Harry Hem­ing­way (Beta) 2; 2: Ge­orge Hem­ing­way (Beta) 19; 3: Max Agar (Beta) 60; 4: Corey Pe­ters (Beta) 72; 5: Char­lie Cross­land (Beta) 75; 6: Al­fie Ray-Turner (Beta) 100. 2018 C CLASS STAN­DARD WHEEL CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS RE­SULTS: 1: Harry Hem­ing­way 120; 2: Ge­orge Hem­ing­way 102; 3: Agar 82; 4: Cross­land 80; 5: Pe­ters 71; Ray-Turner 60. C Class Medium Wheel Cham­pion: Jasper Fox (Beta) Win­ning four of the six cham­pi­onship rounds gave Jasper Fox the abil­ity to pull away from his fel­low com­peti­tors as even­tual series run­ner-up Euan Sim won one round, as did third-place fin­isher Toby Shaw. Apart from the first round, where he fin­ished third, Fox has been su­per con­sis­tent al­ways hav­ing the up­per hand on his clos­est chal­lenger Euan Sim, who has tried his best at ev­ery round to chal­lenge for the wins. Beta ma­chin­ery once again dom­i­nated this class. ROUND 6: MANS­FIELD MAUN RE­SULTS: 1: Jasper Fox (Beta) 93; 2: Ge­orge Clarke (Beta) 97; 3: Euan Sim (Beta) 108; 4: Sum­mer Pe­ters (Beta) 139. 2018 C CLASS MEDIUM WHEEL CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS RE­SULTS: 1: Fox 112; 2: Sim 95; 3: Shaw 71; 4: Fan­non 56; 5: Pe­ters 39.

D Class Medium Wheel Cham­pion: El­liott Smith (OSET) Lit­tle El­liot Smith will be very happy with this cham­pi­onship win as he fol­lows his older brother Oliver through the tri­als ranks learn­ing his trade. This cham­pi­onship has been a very open one with no clear leader show­ing up un­til the fi­nal rounds. Even­tual cham­pi­onship win­ner Smith has bat­tled all sea­son with Joe Drys­dale and William Sa­gar who was rid­ing the Beta. In­di­vid­ual round win­ners in­clude Stan­ley Cub­bon at round one, Joe Drys­dale at round five with William Sa­gar tak­ing two in­clud­ing the fi­nal round, and cham­pi­onship win­ner Smith two. The bat­tle at the fi­nal round was very close be­tween the top two cham­pi­onship con­tenders with Sa­gar clos­ing the sea­son with the win over Smith by just three marks. These top rid­ers in this class have learnt the hard way that con­sis­tency in any cham­pi­onship is the key fac­tor for win­ning. ROUND 6: MANS­FIELD MAUN RE­SULTS: 1: William Sa­gar (Beta) 35; 2: El­liott Smith (OSET) 38; 3: Max Dance (Gas Gas) 69; 4: Stan­ley Cub­bon (Beta) 70; 5: Joe Drys­dale (OSET) 91 2018 D CLASS MEDIUM WHEEL CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS RE­SULTS: 1: Smith 106; 2: Drys­dale 93; 3: Sa­gar 85; 4: Cub­bon 76; 5: Dance 74. D Class Small Wheel Cham­pion: El­lis Bar­ton (OSET) Full of en­ter­tain­ment, this is the class where the tri­als ad­ven­ture on the cham­pi­onship chase be­gins for many. Su­per con­sis­tent El­lis Bar­ton made all the hard work pay off as the sea­son con­cluded, as he had man­aged with some ex­cel­lent rid­ing to pull away from the chas­ing pack. The last round win­ner on the rocks at this tough venue, Archie Brem­ner, did not con­test the full series miss­ing the first two. Rid­ing in only four rounds he won three, much to his de­light. Ruari Younie took the run­ner-up po­si­tion in this well sup­ported class de­spite not win­ning a round, fin­ish­ing just a few points in front of Ja­cob Wil­son. ROUND 6: MANS­FIELD MAUN RE­SULTS: 1: Archie Brem­ner (OSET) 11; 2: El­lis Bar­ton (OSET) 12; 3: Ruari Younie (OSET) 22; 4: Liam Barker (OSET) 27; 5: Ja­cob Wil­son (Beta) 31; 6: Rob­bie Brem­ner (OSET) 41; 7: Corey Shep­herd (Me­cate­cno) 41; 8: Kai Fairhurst (OSET) 49; 9: Tom Gib­bins (OSET) 51; 10: Oliver Wat­son (OSET) 56. 2018 D CLASS SMALL WHEEL CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS RE­SULTS: 1: Bar­ton 109; 2: Younie 88; 3: Wil­son 82; 4: Brem­ner 77; 5: Shep­herd 59; 6: Fairhurst 54; 7: Barker 38; 8: Gib­bins 31; 9: Craw­ford 25; 10: Wat­son 24.

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