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We all en­joy a good ride around on our tri­als ma­chines; it’s a fact. Easy to ride and very nim­ble in dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions, the en­joy­ment fac­tor is right up there with the best. Take it a step fur­ther, to where you choose whether you want to com­bine the tri­als ride with a trail ride? Con­fused? Well, you should not be as TRS have taken the reins to in­tro­duce a dual dis­ci­pline off-road mo­tor­cy­cle to suit the all-around, fun-lov­ing tri­als rider. By in­tro­duc­ing the new XTRACK, 2019 model TRS in­tend to set the bench­mark for a new emerg­ing seg­ment of rid­ers look­ing to ful­fil their leisure time to the max­i­mum on a dual pur­pose mo­tor­cy­cle. Before we go any fur­ther, we need to point out that this is not an en­duro ma­chine – fact! The theme be­hind it all is the bring­ing to­gether of a wide range of users and fans that in­creas­ingly de­mand this type of mo­tor­cy­cle which is ide­ally suited to tack­ling the longer rides more com­fort­ably. Where the emerg­ing Span­ish man­u­fac­turer has been very clever is in the fact that they have com­bined the best tech­ni­cal fea­tures of their ‘One’ model which still al­lows the owner to at­tempt most tri­als haz­ards that will ever be put in front of them.

Before we go any fur­ther with this ar­ti­cle, let’s take a look at what ex­actly the new 2019 XTRACK model is all about.

What is the XTRACK?

First im­pres­sions give you the dual pur­pose look, but maybe it’s a tri­als ma­chine; yes you are nearly cor­rect. This new model is based around the ‘One’ tri­als model as it still car­ries the ma­jor­ity of the su­perb at­tributes the yel­low ma­chine can of­fer.

The main change is the alu­minium frame colour from sil­ver to black and the ad­di­tion of the ex­tra ca­pac­ity fuel tank which holds 3.5 litres, as well as side cov­ers and a larger seat. The other cy­cle parts are very much part of the TRS fam­ily. You will still find ad­justable Tech branded 39mm Ø alu­minium front forks and, to con­trol the rear, an Olle shock with new set­tings and pro­gres­sive hy­draulic sys­tem al­low­ing set­ting for spring preload and ex­ten­sion. The Brak­tec hy­draulic stop­ping power is at­tached to the 150mm Galfer brake discs, com­ple­mented by alu­minium Mo­rad wheels.

Other nice touches in­clude the use of the ad­justable S3 footrests to aid rider com­fort. Styling­wise the aes­thet­ics give it real ‘Street’ cred­i­bil­ity. The model is sup­plied with a quick and easy-to-fit smaller fuel tank — but we will tell you more about that later. It is avail­able in other en­gine sizes, but for the mo­ment only the 250cc model will be avail­able through the of­fi­cial UK im­porters TRS Mo­tor­cy­cles UK headed by Steve and Sarah Saun­ders.

A new emerg­ing area

The TRS brand as a mo­tor­cy­cle man­u­fac­turer has quickly emerged in its short life to chal­lenge for the very top FIM Trial World Cham­pi­onship hon­ours. It has been achieved by the fact that the man at the head of the TRS brand is seven-times world champion Jordi Tar­res. He has seen his tri­als ca­reer pass through Beta and Gas Gas before ar­riv­ing with what he has to­day. Jordi has ap­plied the same ded­i­ca­tion to his ‘Baby’ as he did dur­ing his suc­cess­ful rid­ing ca­reer.

With Adam Raga on board in the Trial World Cham­pi­onship suc­cess has al­ready come the way of the brand. Any pro­duc­tion is­sues have been quickly ad­dressed, and al­ready the name TRS car­ries an as­sur­ance of qual­ity with it.

On the con­ti­nent, the top rid­ers have gone for ride outs to prac­tice away from the pry­ing eyes of the me­dia and other rid­ers or many years. Take a back­pack and put some fuel con­tain­ers in it, a few small spares and some food and drink and away you go for the day; that’s the theme be­hind the XTRACK. As you can see from the pic­tures, the XTRACK holds no bound­aries in the ca­pa­ble hands of both Tar­res and Raga. Trial Mag­a­zine has seen Raga at­tempt­ing world cham­pi­onship stan­dard haz­ards on the new ma­chine and be­lieve me, for once we were speech­less!

Out of the box

The ma­chine that Steve Saun­ders is seen on here came from the first pro­duc­tion batch of the new model and is a 250cc. Steve takes up the story: “When the box ar­rived with the new ma­chine in­side I did not know what to ex­pect. Yes, they had told me all about the new model, but only when you see it in the flesh in your work­shop and phys­i­cally in front of you can you be­gin to be­come ex­cited.

“They ar­rive very easy to as­sem­ble, and the first im­pres­sions were ‘wow, this looks good!’ After a play around I then de­cided to see how easy it was to con­vert to tri­als trim. It’s easy, trust me, as it takes only six eas­ily ac­ces­si­ble screws to al­low the fuel tank, side cov­ers and seat to be re­moved. It ex­poses the rear mud­guard and ‘seat’ ar­range­ment and the smaller fuel tank that sits be­tween the alu­minium frame rails; I was very im­pressed. I de­cided to take it to the Scott Trial. It took around 15 min­utes to re­assem­ble to the trail model. It was so easy I let my daugh­ter Izzy put it all back to­gether!”

A day out

“As has been well doc­u­mented the Scott Trial was, shall we say, a wet day. I had all my new Hebo TRS rid­ing kit on and kept warm and dry throuhout the event. The TRS is a dream to ride. At the re­quest of the or­gan­is­ing Rich­mond Mo­tor Club, I only went where we were al­lowed dur­ing the trial and had an ex­cel­lent day out.

“The XTRACK is so easy to ride, and what’s good is the fact that the large seat and fuel tank does not in­ter­fere with your rid­ing. It’s also a very use­ful ma­chine on some of the more de­mand­ing parts where on a larger en­durance ma­chine you would have to get off and push. It re­tains all its tri­als at­tributes, but with the more re­laxed rid­ing po­si­tion af­forded by, the larger seat trail rid­ing be­comes a plea­sure. I had in­tended to ride the day after the Scott in a closed-to-club trial, but it was can­celled due to the heavy rain in the area near where I live.

“Look out for a tri­als test com­ing soon as I try and tempt Mr Trial Mag­a­zine John Hulme back be­hind the han­dle­bars of a mo­tor­cy­cle”.

Ad­ven­ture ready. Tri­als ready.

In the right hands yes, the XTRACK can go any­where, as demon­strated by Adam Raga.


It was a very happy TRS UK im­porter Steve Saun­ders at the Scott Trial with the first XTRACK to ar­rive in his safe ca­pa­ble hands.

The new ex­cit­ing 2019 TRS XTRACK.

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