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This year’s ACU British Youth Tri­als Cham­pi­onship, spon­sored by Belle Trail­ers, has seen a strong group of riders across the five classes sup­port­ing the se­ries. As for the Dance fam­ily, it was a win­ning dou­ble act, as the two broth­ers took the top spots in the A Class with Jack and in the D Class Medium Wheel class with Max. The B Class story was about two riders, with Bux­ton’s Harry Turner the even­tual win­ner in front of Harry Hem­ing­way. Uphold­ing Hem­ing­way fam­ily hon­ours though was the younger brother Ge­orge, who took the top spot in the C Class Stan­dard Wheel with one round re­main­ing. In the C Class Medium Wheel El­liot Smith re­mained as strong as ever and, mak­ing it a good day for the elec­tric OSET ma­chines, Ma­son Craw­ford kept his cool in the D Class Small Wheel to take the win in the cham­pi­onship from Ja­cob Wil­son. All the ac­tion un­folded in the sun­shine at the fi­nal round at the Bracken Rocks venue in Der­byshire as the ex­pe­ri­enced Mans­field Maun club tested the riders over three laps of 12 haz­ards A Class

Dis­ap­point­ingly, only two riders en­tered the fi­nal round of the sev­en­round se­ries: the even­tual cham­pi­onship win­ner Jack Dance and his clos­est ri­val for the ti­tle Reece Gaz­zard. It was sur­pris­ingly Dance who looked the more ner­vous, as two five-mark penal­ties on his open­ing lap showed, to the sin­gle mark of Gaz­zard. Try as he might Dance could not pull back the marks on Gaz­zard, who did all he could to fight for the tilte know­ing it would need a re­tire­ment from his ri­val to take the 2019 crown. As the cham­pi­onship points show, the four wins to Dance against the three wins from Gaz­zard tells its own story of just how closely these two are matched.

RE­SULTS: 1: Reece Gaz­zard (BMS Scorpa) 12; 2: Jack Dance (JST Gas Gas UK) 18. FI­NAL CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS: 1: Jack Dance (JST Gas Gas UK) 131; 2: Reece Gaz­zard (BMS Scorpa) 128; 3: Cameron Brice (Beta) 76; 4: Har­vey Taglione (Gas Gas) 71; 5: Frankie Rhodes (Beta) 63; 6: Ross Gal­loway (2T Off-Road TRS) 54; 7: Mal­colm Sum­mers (Scorpa) 30; Alice Minta (BMS Scorpa) 18.

B Class

Go­ing into the fi­nal round it was a ner­vous Harry Turner who, de­spite hold­ing the cham­pi­onship lead, wanted that fi­nal vic­tory of the year. Hav­ing lost two British cham­pi­onships at the fi­nal round in pre­vi­ous years at this venue he did not start well as he closed his open­ing lap ty­ing with two other riders: Harry Hem­ing­way and, show­ing re­ally good form, Jaime Gal­loway, all on six marks each. On the se­cond lap Hem­ing­way put in a feet-up ride part­ing with no marks as Turner dropped two and Gal­loway seven.

On the fi­nal lap, and with the nerves out of the win­dow, Harry Turner kept his calm to take a sin­gle-mark win, his sixth of the seven rounds, over Hem­ing­way, with Gal­loway very happy to make the podium in third after the long jour­ney from Scot­land. With very close rid­ing between Harry Turner and Harry Hem­ing­way it will be worth keep­ing an eye on these two as they progress through the fi­nal phase of the school­boy classes in their rid­ing ca­reers.

RE­SULTS: 1: Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 10; 2: Harry Hem­ing­way (Be­taUK) 11; 3: Jaime Gal­loway (2T Off-Road TRS) 17; 4: Ash­ton Bright­more (JST Gas Gas UK) 22; 5: Harry Bowyer (Gas Gas) 25; 6: Tom Shep­herd (Gas Gas) 39; 7: Joe Snelling (Beta) 39; 8: Al­fie Lamp­kin (Ver­tigo) 50; 9: Owen Ch­est­nut (Knight Gas Gas) 51; 10: Kayt­lyn Ad­shead (Beta) 110; 11: Max Agar (Beta) 114; 12: Jake Jones (Beta) 141; 13: Reece Legg (Beta) 144.

FI­NAL CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS: 1: Harry Turner (Gas Gas) 137; 2: Harry Hem­ing­way (Beta-UK) 122; 3: Ash­ton Bright­more (JST Gas Gas UK) 96; 4: Harry Bowyer (Gas Gas) 84; 5: Jaime Gal­loway (2T Off-Road TRS) 77; 6: Owen Ch­est­nut (Knight Gas Gas) 73; 7: Oliver Smith (Scorpa) 56; 8: Ge­orge Clarke (BVM Sherco) 52; 9: Joe Snelling (Beta) 48; 10: To­mos Price (Gas Gas) 38; 11: Tom Shep­herd (Gas Gas) 23; 12: Max Agar (Beta) 21; 13: Kayt­lyn Ad­shead (Beta) 17; 14: Cor­rie Pe­ters 16; 15: Jay Piper 14.

C Class Stan­dard Wheel

Uphold­ing the fam­ily hon­ours, Ge­orge Hem­ing­way was a clear win­ner and opted out of the fi­nal cham­pi­onship round to ride on the harder B Class route. Hav­ing won six rounds from six starts in the cham­pi­onship it was quite fit­ting that his near­est chal­lenger Euan Sim took the fi­nal round win. Between them Sim and Jasper Fox have had their own bat­tle for the run­ner-up spot all sea­son, with Har­ri­son Skel­ton al­ways wait­ing to join in the fight.

In a show of class Euan Sim stayed feet-up on his open­ing lap as Fox parted with two, but the fight for the vic­tory was by no means over. Stay­ing strong Sim parted with one more as the chal­lenge from Fox was stopped by a five-mark loss on the se­cond lap. The drama was far from over though as it was the turn of Sim to take a five on the fi­nal lap, but he had done enough to se­cure the vic­tory and the se­cond place in the cham­pi­onship.

RE­SULTS: 1: Euan Sim (Beta) 7; 2: Jasper Fox (Beta) 9; 3: Har­ri­son Skel­ton (Andy Met­calfe Beta) 12; 4: Ste­fan Mewett-Richard­son (Beta) 18; 5: Ross Allen (Beta) 22; 6: Char­lie Ash­wood (Beta) 97.

FI­NAL CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS: 1: Ge­orge Hem­ing­way (Beta-UK) 140; 2: Jasper Fox (Beta) 130; 3: Euan Sim (Beta) 129; 4: Har­ri­son Skel­ton (Andy Met­calfe Beta) 108; 5: Ross Allen (Beta) 64; 6: Ste­fan Mewett-Richard­son (Beta) 62; 7: Char­lie Ast­wood (Beta) 60; 8: William Sa­gar (Beta) 41; 9: Thomas Wright (Beta) 36; 10: Jack Chal­lice (Beta) 31; 11: Fred­die Stephen­son 9; 12: Harry Cripps 8; 13: Sum­mer Pe­ters 8; 14: Euan Davies 8; 15: Harry Bay­man 6.

C Class Medium Wheel

Two very tal­ented young riders, El­liot Smith and Stan­ley Cub­bon have both fought tooth and nail in this 2019 se­ries. With six wins from the eight rounds Smith has had the up­per hand but Cub­bon has never given up the fight, tak­ing the other two wins. Watch­ing the de­ter­mi­na­tion from these two at the fi­nal round only high­lights just how com­pet­i­tive the youth classes are. Both parted with a sin­gle five at some point over the three laps but they both re­cov­ered, show­ing some very calm and con­trolled rid­ing de­spite their young ages.

With no chance of im­prov­ing on his third po­si­tion in the cham­pi­onship Joe Drys­dale was an­other rider who rode out-of-class on a harder route. Third place on the day and fourth over­all in the cham­pi­onship was just re­ward for Matilda Ar­bon, show­ing her ri­vals that mo­tor­cy­cle tri­als is not just a young man’s sport.

RE­SULTS: 1: El­liot Smith (OSET) 18; 2: Stan­ley Cub­bon (Beta) 25; 3: Matilda Ar­bon (Beta) 33; 4: Har­ri­son Light­foot (Beta) 45; 5: Archie Brem­ner (OSET) 46; 6: Rhys Mosey (Beta) 93.

FI­NAL CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS: 1: El­liot Smith (OSET) 152; 2: Stan­ley Cub­bon (Beta) 142; 3: Joe Drys­dale (Beta) 105; 4: Matilda Ar­bon (Beta) 96; 5: Archie Brem­ner (Oset) 94; 6: Har­ri­son Light­foot (Beta) 89; 7: Rowan Dean 18; 8: Rhys Mosey (Beta) 10; 9: Ma­son Vasey 9.

D Class Medium Wheel

Quite rightly, the Dance fam­ily must be im­mensely proud of the fact that younger son Max backed up his el­der brother Jack’s Youth British Cham­pion ti­tle in the A Class with his D Class Medium Wheel ti­tle. With only one de­feat at round six Max wanted to close the cham­pi­onship with an­other vic­tory, but he was pushed all the way on the day by Con­nor Wat­son with Corey Shep­herd just a hand­ful of marks be­hind. After the close of the three laps of 12 haz­ards Max took the vic­tory by a sin­gle mark, such was the ri­valry between these two, and he was once again happy to take the top spot on the podium.

RE­SULTS: 1: Max Dance (Gas Gas) 35; 2: Con­nor Wat­son (Beta) 36; 3: Corey Shep­herd (Beta) 45; 4: Zachary Sell­ers (Beta) 59; 5: Ruari Younie (Beta) 62.

FI­NAL CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS: 1: Max Dance (Gas Gas) 155; 2: Con­nor Wat­son (Beta) 137; 3: Ruari Younie (Beta) 118; 4: Corey Shep­herd (Beta) 100; 5: Kai Fairhurst (Beta) 74; 6: Bai­ley Holmes 48; 7: Rho­dri Tam­plin (Beta) 46; 8: Zachary Sell­ers (Beta) 24; 9: William Sparkes 21.

D Class Small Wheel

With 17 point-scor­ing riders over the sea­son’s nine rounds, as an in­tro­duc­tion to the youth pro­gramme of tri­als, this class is work­ing very well. It’s been a very up-and-down sea­son as we ar­rived at the finale. Even­tual cham­pi­onship win­ner Ma­son Craw­ford had three wins to his name and Ja­cob Wil­son two, with Tom Gib­bins and Bobby Crab­tree on one each.

Un­der the sun­shine at this de­mand­ing Bracken Rocks venue both Ja­cob Wil­son and Ma­son Craw­ford dropped seven marks each on the open­ing lap with nei­ther giv­ing an inch! On the se­cond lap Wil­son made his push for the vic­tory with a clean feet-up lap as Craw­ford parted with just four marks; it was still game on. On the fi­nal lap they once again matched each other on four marks each, giv­ing the ti­tle to a much-re­lieved Ma­son Craw­ford as Bobby Crab­tree and Tom Gib­bins fin­ished a close third and fourth.

Ja­cob Wil­son can hold his head high with the run­ner-up po­si­tion in the cham­pi­onship. He gave it his all at the fi­nal round by tak­ing the win, you can­not ask any more than that.

As for Ma­son Craw­ford it was his greater con­sis­tency that made him the ‘King’ of the D Class Small Wheel cham­pi­onship in 2019.

RE­SULTS: 1: Ja­cob Wil­son (OSET) 16; 2: Ma­son Craw­ford (OSET) 20; 3: Bobby Crab­tree (OSET) 23; 4: Tom Gib­bins (OSET) 26; 5: Ed­wyn James (OSET) 30; 6: Evan Arnold (OSET) 42; 7: Rob­bie Brem­ner (OSET) 46; 8: Fletcher Ely (OSET) 47; 9: Cal­lum McKay (OSET) 47; 10: Joshua Wit­ting (OSET) 56; 11: Zac Lund (Beta) 60; 12: Sa­muel Le­fevre (OSET) 71; 13: Carter Cub­bon (OSET) 90; 14: Jen­son Fox (OSET) 107.

FI­NAL CHAM­PI­ONSHIP PO­SI­TIONS: 1: Ma­son Craw­ford (OSET) 135; 2: Ja­cob Wil­son (OSET) 133; 3: Tom Gib­bins (OSET) 112; 4: Bobby Crab­tree (OSET) 110; 5: Rob­bie Brem­ner (OSET) 98; 6: Ed­wyn James (OSET) 82; 7: Fletcher Ely (OSET) 74; 8: Sa­muel Le­fevre (OSET) 53; 9: Dan Bruce (OSET) 47; 10: Joshua Wit­ting (OSET) 42; 11: Carter Cub­bon (OSET) 31; 12: Cal­lum McKay (OSET) 30; 13: Jen­son Fox (OSET) 26; 14: Evan Arnold (OSET) 24; 15: Zac Lund (Beta) 21.

Jack Dance (JST Gas Gas UK)

Reece Gaz­zard (BMS Scorpa)

Harry Turner (Gas Gas)

Ash­ton Bright­more (JST Gas Gas UK)

Jaime Gal­loway (2T Off-Road TRS)

Harry Hem­ing­way (Beta-UK)

Ge­orge Hem­ing­way (Beta-UK)

Har­ri­son Skel­ton (Andy Met­calfe Beta)

Euan Sim (Beta)

Jasper Fox (Beta)


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