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Car­ry­ing on where she left off in Ja­pan at rounds one and two of the 2019 se­ries, Great Bri­tain’s Emma Bris­tow re­mains on track to record her sixth con­sec­u­tive world ti­tle. In qual­i­fy­ing she has not been the quick­est, but has rid­den with an air of con­fi­dence know­ing that she can use her ex­pe­ri­ence to its full ad­van­tage in the ac­tual trial. The full house of 80 points speaks for it­self.


In the tricky river hazard in the mid­dle of the town of Gou­veia it was the small frame of Maria Giro who set the quick­est time, the first for the four-stroke Mon­tesa since qual­i­fy­ing was in­tro­duced. In the trial the haz­ards were a mix­ture of the slip­pery wet rocks in the river and the bone dry ex­posed ones in the sun.

De­fend­ing cham­pion Bris­tow started well but was hit by a freak dis­as­ter on sec­tion five. A rock-step out of the river proved too much for the Sherco rider, who suf­fered a nasty crash; but worse was to come as the ma­chine im­mersed it­self in one of the deep wa­ter-filled rock-holes.

Quick ac­tion by her hus­band and min­der, James, saw him pull the ma­chine out but the en­gine had taken in wa­ter. He soon had the ma­chine back to life, but now she was pushed for time and had to use all her ex­pe­ri­ence to avoid any time penal­ties.

Her se­cond lap score of 14 res­cued the day, but two con­sis­tent laps from Spain’s Berta Abel­lan left her just seven marks off the win.

QUAL­I­FY­ING: 1: Maria Giro (Mon­tesa-ESP) 0 + 27.98; 2: Madeleine Hoover (Gas Gas-USA) 0 + 28.54; 3: San­dra Gomez (TRRS-ESP) 0 + 28.58; 4: Berta Abel­lan (Ver­tigo-ESP) 0 + 28.89; 5: Emma Bris­tow (Sherco-GBR) 0 + 29.65; 6: Alex Bran­cati (Beta-ITA) 0 + 29.93; 7: Ingveig Hakon­sen (TRRS-NOR) 0 + 32.76; 8: Sarah Bauer (Sherco-DEU) 0 + 32.98; 9: Jule Steinart (TRRS-DEU) 0 + 35.54; 10: Neus Mer­cia (Gas Gas-ESP) 3 + 43.53.

RE­SULTS: 1: Bris­tow 32; 2: Abel­lan 39; 3: Gomez 49; 4: Bran­cati 59; 5: Hakon­sen 61; 6: Mer­cia 61; 7: Hoover 66; 8: Giro 68; 9: Bauer 78; 10: Steinart 87.


Us­ing her En­duro ex­pe­ri­ence it was San­dra Gomez who set the fastest time in qual­i­fy­ing from Emma Bris­tow, set­ting up an ex­cit­ing day of com­pe­ti­tion in France. The open­ing lap over the rocks and banks in the dried-up river beds wit­nessed a ter­rific bat­tle between Bris­tow and, once again, Berta Abel­lan.

The open­ing lap scores were 15 in Bris­tow’s favour to the 17 of Abel­lan, fol­lowed by Neus Mer­cia on 24 marks lost. On the se­cond tour of the 15 haz­ards Bris­tow showed why she is the queen of the ladies’ tri­als world, with a su­perb score of five giv­ing her the vic­tory. San­dra Gomez came fight­ing back with a lap score of ten but it was Abel­lan with a score of 11 who took the run­ner-up spot once again as Gomez clawed back to third and the fi­nal step on the podium.

With the 80 points in the bag Bris­tow has one hand on the 2019 tro­phy, but with the fi­nal round in Spain you can bet that Berta Abel­lan rid­ing in front of a home crowd will want to take the vic­tory away from Bris­tow; it should be very in­ter­est­ing.

QUAL­I­FY­ING: 1: San­dra Gomez (TRRS-ESP) 0 + 21.00; 2: Emma Bris­tow (Sherco-GBR) 0 + 22.37; 3: Madeleine Hoover (Gas Gas-USA) 0 + 22.39; 4: Maria Giro (Mon­tesa-ESP) 0 + 23.06; 5: Sarah Bauer (Sherco-DEU) 0 + 23.43; 6: Berta Abel­lan (Ver­tigo-ESP) 0 + 24.14; 7: Jule Steinart (TRRSDEU) 0 + 24.30; 8: Alex Bran­cati (Beta-ITA) 0 + 25.03; 9: Neus Mer­cia (Gas Gas-ESP) 0 + 25.20; 10: Ingveig Hakon­sen (TRRS-NOR) 0 + 25.32.

RE­SULTS: 1: Bris­tow 20; 2: Abel­lan 28; 3: Gomez 37; 4: Giro 43; 5: Mer­cia 36; 6: Bran­cati 52; 7: Hakon­sen 74; 8: Bauer 64; 9: Hoover 74; 10: Steinart 74.

2019 Tri­alGP Women’s World Cham­pi­onship Po­si­tions

RE­SULTS: 1: Emma Bris­tow (Sherco-GBR) 80; 2: Berta Abel­lan (Ver­tigo-ESP) 64; 3: San­dra Gomez (TRRS-ESP) 60; 4: Neus Mer­cia (Gas Gas-ESP) 47; 5: Ingveig Hakon­sen (TRRS-NOR) 45; 6: Maria Giro (Mon­tesa-ESP) 42; 7: Alex Bran­cati (Beta-ITA) 40; 8: Sarah Bauer (Sherco-DEU) 32; 9: Madeleine Hoover (Gas Gas-USA) 28; 10:

Jule Steinart (TRRS-DEU) 22; 11: Aya Nishimura (Beta-JPN) 14; 12: Erika Mel­chior (Sherco-NOR) 8.

There is only one thing on the mind of San­dra Gomez (TRRS-ESP) in qual­i­fy­ing and that is to set the quick­est time, which she did in France. Emma Bris­tow (Sherco-GBR) It was a very de­ter­mined and fo­cused Maria Giro (Mon­tesa-ESP) who took the pole po­si­tion in Por­tu­gal, the first for the four-stroke Cota 4RT in the ladies’ Tri­alGP class since qual­i­fy­ing was in­tro­duced.

The podium in France: Berta Abel­lan, Emma Bris­tow and San­dra Gomez; is this how the fi­nal cham­pi­onship po­si­tions will be? We will have to wait and see. Ma­tur­ing into a good strong rider is Berta Abel­lan (Ver­tigoESP). Her im­pres­sive style has put her in se­cond po­si­tion in the cham­pi­onship as we ap­proach the fi­nal round in Spain. Neus Mer­cia (Gas Gas-ESP) will be dis­ap­pointed with her form but still finds her­self in fourth po­si­tion in the cham­pi­onship Ingveig Hakon­sen (TRRS-NOR) stands just two marks be­hind Neus Mer­cia in the cham­pi­onship; the fi­nal round should be in­ter­est­ing.

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