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2021 FIM X-Trial

With so many of the early-season events still in doubt due to the COVID-19 restrictio­ns, it’s a case of crossing fingers for a start to the indoor 2021 FIM X-Trial World Championsh­ip.

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Before we go any further, you will have noticed that there has been no coverage in the magazine of the world-famous start to the internatio­nal motorcycle trials calendar for the last quarter of a century: the Sheffield Indoor. It was once the opening event to the indoor FIM World Championsh­ip. In more recent times, it has been an invitation-only internatio­nal competitio­n attracting top riders in the world. It had always been a massive hit with the riders and fans, but over the past few years, we tragically lost Martin Lampkin and Neil Crosswaite; two men who made it such a success. As a tribute to Martin and Neil, could it be that on Saturday 28th December 2019, we witnessed the event for the final time?

With a proposed seven-round 2021 FIM X-Trial World Championsh­ip concluding with the team event in France in October, it’s a brave move by the promoters, 2Play to start the series as early as the 6th March in Braga, Portugal. They have no control over the outcome

of the COVID-19, but we would all hope by early March the mass vaccinatio­n programme will have started to work. As we went to press, there was no news as to who the fixed riders in 2021 will be.

Trial Magazine has been following the FIM X-Trial World Championsh­ip with close interest for the last few years. In the dates shown are some events that are very easy to travel to, which make for a good few days away. Below are some of what we would consider the easiest events to travel to by flights, hire car or taxi and hotel.



This includes a flight to Austria and Vienna airport on the Friday for the Saturday event. It’s then the hire car for a quick one-hour drive on predominan­tly motorways which are easy to follow and well signposted. There are a few local hotels, with one right next door to the stadium. It’s compact stadium has a limited capacity with excellent viewing, which is very close to the action. As with all the events, we would always advise booking tickets before you travel. It’s a lot less hassle.


We never need an excuse to go to Barcelona, and the indoor trial is the longest-standing event in the calendar. It includes a flight to Spain’s Barcelona airport on the Saturday for the Sunday event. We would advise a taxi to Barcelona then use public transport to get to and from the event. Being Barcelona maybe include a small shopping break. The choice of hotels is yours. There are none near Palau Sant Jordi stadium on the mountain of Montjuic, which is a good ten minutes from the city.

We usually stay in a city hotel and use taxis. It’s quite a big stadium but has quite a good all-around view. However, you are a little set back from the action unless you are on the front rows. Of all the FIM X-Trial World Championsh­ip events, we would always recommend you put this one on the “Bucket List” to attend.


This includes a flight to Marseille airport, France on the Saturday for the Sunday event. It’s then either a taxi or a hire car for the 40-minute ride. A taxi is easier but can be around €130 return. There are a few local hotels near the stadium. We stay at one which is around a ten-minute walk. Shopping is also quite good in the area. It’s quite a large stadium near the football ground with good Metro access. The viewing is a little further back from the action but still good. Front rows offer the best of the action.


This includes a flight to Spain’s Barcelona airport on the Friday for the Saturday event. You can also fly to Toulouse in France. In either case, travel time is around three hours. We prefer flying to Barcelona. Andorra is a fantastic place, and the shopping in La Vella is tax-free and very good. We usually take a late Thursday flight, as they are cheaper, and stay at a Barcelona airport hotel. We pick a hire car up on Friday morning and take the superb drive to Andorra. Literally across the road from the stadium is the Holiday Inn at La Vella but there are plenty of other good hotels convenient­ly located for the indoor trial. It’s a small stadium with a limited capacity and, as with all the events, we would always advise booking tickets before you travel, it’s a lot less hassle. Being a compact stadium, you have the opportunit­y to get up close and watch Toni Bou in action at his ‘home’ event.


Yes, once again, it was a Toni Bou show on the four-stroke Repsol Honda. He dominated the season with a full-house of five wins from five starts to take his 14th consecutiv­e FIM X-Trial World Championsh­ip in 2020 with a maximum points haul of 100.

Believe it or not, it was in late 2019 that the 2020 championsh­ip started with the first round on the French overseas territory of La Reunion island, in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar, for its only trip out of Europe in more recent times.

Round two was held in late December in Rennes, France, before the Christmas break. The action returned in the historical city of Budapest in Hungary in January 2020. Both of the Spanish rounds took place, visiting Barcelona and then Bilbao before COVID-19 restrictio­ns brought the series to its conclusion when the last two rounds in Austria and Andorra were cancelled.


POSITIONS: 1: Toni Bou (Repsol Honda-ESP) 100; 2: Adam Raga (TRRS-ESP) 75; 3: Jeroni Fajardo (Sherco-ESP) 34; 4: Benoit Bincaz (Beta-FRA) 28; 5: Jorge Casales (Gas Gas-ESP) 28; 6: Jamie Busto (Vertigo-ESP) 28; 7: Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa-ESP) 25; 8: Miquel Gelabert (Vertigo-ESP) 24; 9: Toby Martyn (Beta/ TRRS-GBR) 2; 10: Kieran Touly (Scorpa-FRA) 1.


The official FIM X-Trial World Championsh­ip website is excellent, with language options including English. You can find out all the stadium locations and book and pay for your tickets in advance on the site. Local informatio­n is also available from the very easy-to-navigate website. Let’s hope we see you at one of the events in 2021.

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Adam Raga (TRRS-ESP)
Jeroni Fajardo (Sherco-ESP)
Adam Raga (TRRS-ESP) Jeroni Fajardo (Sherco-ESP)
 ??  ?? Benoit Bincaz (Beta-FRA)
Benoit Bincaz (Beta-FRA)
 ??  ?? Jorge Casales (GASGAS-ESP)
Jaime Busto (Vertigo-ESP)
Jorge Casales (GASGAS-ESP) Jaime Busto (Vertigo-ESP)
 ??  ?? Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa-ESP)
Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa-ESP)

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