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Think of the middle of Great Britain, and you think ‘the Midlands’; it’s not rocket science! With a strong motorcycle connection, this ‘middle’ area of the country has always been a part of the motorcycle world, dating back to the once-great days of large-volume manufactur­ing of motorcycle­s and, of course, the great riders it has produced. Mention the name Edmondson, and to a vast spectrum of the off-road world, the connection is almost immediate. From father Pete, eldest son Derrick, to the youngest, Lee, they are all connected to the famous family name with success in their own right. One name is missing – the middle one, Paul; yes, the original ‘Fast Eddy’. He’s the one with 20 ISDE gold medals hanging around his neck, and the original importer of the ‘Hare’ concept of racing from the USA. You name the t-shirt and cap and, yes, he has it.

To so many in the off-road world who have been around the sport for the last forty-odd years, the name Paul Edmondson is very familiar. Starting out as a young lad, his name came to the fore on the Montesita cycle trials bikes in the early ‘80s when the sport came to the UK with the importer Jim Sandiford, who supported the events. As with anything with two wheels, Paul showed his early skills in front of many onlookers to the sport before the transition to a two-wheeled machine with an engine. The adventure had begun.


Paul had a successful motorcycle schoolboy career; he did not hide his need for faster action. At the age of 16, he took part in the 1986

Scottish Six Days Trial on a Honda TLM 50 and finished in a credible 146th position.

During his schoolboy days, young Eddy loved riding motorcycle­s. Every minute of every day was spent twisting the throttle of anything he could get his hands on. Riding in trials educated him well on the need of throttle control and general off-road motorcycle skills. He was rewarded with some good adult rides in national trials and enjoyed the slow-speed action, but it was fast action that the young

Eddy wanted.

He witnessed his elder brother, Derrick, pave his way to gold medals at the ISDE in the enduro world. Starting with some outings on converted Honda motocross machines endorsed the need for speed, and he soon made his name known on the enduro scene, mixing it with some motocross. In the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, ‘Hare’ enduro and extreme events, enjoyed by so many today, were still some way off in the UK.

After finding his feet, he was soon enjoying some early success, and with it, the attention of much-needed sponsors; which was a relief.

He took the 125cc European championsh­ip title with KTM in 1989 then repeated his success when the world championsh­ip was introduced the following year; he was flying. He won his second world title with Husqvarna in 1993 then switched to the relatively new Spanish Gas Gas machines, winning the 125cc world championsh­ip in 1994 and the 250cc in 1996 on the red two-stroke machines.

It was then a change of direction and a trip across the pond to the USA to race in the GNC series. With his racing success in the United States, he returned to the UK, and the ‘Fast Eddy’ race series arrived. Paul returned to the World Enduro Championsh­ip to finish runnerup in the 250cc four-stroke class in 2002 and the E2 class in 2004.


With the world championsh­ip success tucked firmly under the belt and retirement announced, it was a return to the UK championsh­ips. Seven titles were won with two fourth-place finishes being rewarded in a oneoff appearance at the two-day WEC for the GP of Wales in 2008.

As a long-time member of the British team in the Internatio­nal Six Days Enduro (ISDE), he was the fastest racer in the 125cc class in 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1994. He also holds the ISDE record for Gold Medals.

Scaling back his racing activities, the ‘Fast Eddy’ concept of events took Paul to the new title of ‘Race Organiser’. Using all his racing experience, he started organising events based on the successful ‘Hare and Hound’ theme, which continues today.

With such a wide experience of off-road riding, another door opened for Paul. He was asked to become a stunt double for a number of famous names in some well-known films. We are talking James Bond — so next time you see a motorcycle ridden like an expert, it is likely to be Paul Edmondson!


Very proud of his UK heritage, it was time for Paul to spend more time building up a future and, as I am sure you can imagine, it would still revolve around motorcycle­s.

When oldest brother Derrick wanted a change of direction in life, Paul took over one-half of the business premises to open Fast Eddy Racing in 2017. Paul knew what was needed to support an off-road motorcycle business, understand­ing what any racer was looking for when they walked through a showroom door.

Warm surroundin­gs are evident the minute you walk into Paul’s showroom. Its sporting heritage would encourage potential customers to feel comfortabl­e and safe in the knowledge that staff know what they are talking about.

The shop motto is ‘If you need it, we have it’ and, with a huge inventory of all the leading brands, including parts, clothing and all the associated accessorie­s from the off-road world,

they can 99% guarantee to keep you racing.

Paul and his two sons, Harry and Jack, are usually on hand if his other commitment­s allow them the time.

Parts manager, Dave Harris, can answer a multitude of questions, supported by Paul’s wife, Amanda.

The ‘Fast Eddy’ race entries and event organisati­on are also run from these headquarte­rs in the very capable hands of Christine Parkes, who also manages the company accounts. Her husband, Dennis also works for the company as the delivery driver and general hand when needed.

The clean, modern workshop facilities are second-to-none. It is headed by the chief mechanic, Carl Laucht, supported by Tom Sagar. The name Tom Sagar is a very familiar one — he has a strong and successful off-road history in both trials and enduro. He, like Paul, came through from a trials background and, having once learned the slow-speed sport, moved to all the action of the enduro world, with much success.


Since Fast Eddy started trading from these premises in 2017, Paul has learned hard and fast about which direction he wants to take the company and its brand image. Despite tough trading times with the 2020/21 COVID-19 pandemic, the business has continued to thrive.

The leading brand focus is very much with Fantic and Sherco. With Paul’s two sons, Harry on the Fantic and Jack on the Sherco, he has every confidence that these two brands are the future of the business. With both boys racing, the shop gets to know so much more about the two brands and are very happy to pass on this knowledge.

Sherco has an excellent range of both trials and enduro machines, whereas Fantic is back on the off-road scene with a vengeance. Many will remember Fantic for its world-championsh­ip winning trials machines in the past, but, at the moment, the future is in enduro with the new Yamaha-engined models. The shop also carries a range of second-hand machines to suit the pocket of any potential customer.


With a well-proven track record of organising indoor and outdoor events, both the Fast Eddy race events and championsh­ips still attract a huge following. The spectrum of riders is very wide; from the first-time rider right through to the top-end championsh­ip runners.

Paul’s excellent team includes his mother and father, Kath and Peter, and sister, Julie

(yes, there is one more Edmondson). Although Julie doesn’t follow the sport to the extent her brothers do, she is still a very keen member of the family who is always out to support the family at whatever they take part in or do. It includes helping at the annual ‘Original Fast Eddy’ at Hawkstone Park, one of the country’s biggest enduro events. It has been part of the WESS series for the last three years even though it has been in existence for over 20 years. Christine Parkes and her husband, Dennis, look after the logistics, leaving Paul and Tom Sager to look after the course and the overall running of each event on the day.


With such a comprehens­ive knowledge of off-road riding, the Fast Eddy team now takes groups of riders to Spain to enjoy some training in the sun. Based at the Puidgemont Enduro School in northern Spain, riders get five to six days of training/riding with Paul, Tom, Jack and Harry along with the two Puidgemont brothers. Many years ago, after spending time in Spain, Paul became long-term friends with the Puidgemont brothers who are multiple enduro champions in their own right.


As we move into 2021, sitting alongside the challenges that the COVID-19 has created, the shop remains at everyone’s disposal through the excellent website. Maybe it’s time to click on the website or pick up the phone to find out what ‘Fast Eddy’ can offer you!

CONTACT Tel : 01543 450150 www.fasteddymo­ www.fasteddyra­

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Paul Edmondson and Tom Sagar need no introducti­on.
Paul Edmondson and Tom Sagar need no introducti­on.
 ??  ?? Everyone an Enduro world championsh­ip winner.
Everyone an Enduro world championsh­ip winner.
 ??  ?? Paul on the Honda TLM 50 in a youth trial.
Paul on the Honda TLM 50 in a youth trial.
 ??  ?? At the 1982 Dirt Bike Show on the cycle trials bike.
At the 1982 Dirt Bike Show on the cycle trials bike.
 ??  ?? It’s your choice.
It’s your choice.
 ??  ?? A well-stocked showroom.
A well-stocked showroom.
 ??  ?? Both Tom and Paul hope to get back into trials at some point.
Both Tom and Paul hope to get back into trials at some point.
 ??  ?? Chief mechanic Carl Laucht, on the left, is supported by Tom Sagar.
Yes, trials are the talking point at Fast Eddy Racing!
Chief mechanic Carl Laucht, on the left, is supported by Tom Sagar. Yes, trials are the talking point at Fast Eddy Racing!
 ??  ?? Maybe it’s time to click on the website or pick up the phone to find out what ‘Fast Eddy’ can offer.
Maybe it’s time to click on the website or pick up the phone to find out what ‘Fast Eddy’ can offer.

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