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Making a return to a full season in the British championsh­ip, it was a very happy Alexz Wigg who came away the winner. Hot on his tail, though, were the 2020 Trial 2 British Champion Ross Danby and local rider Sam Connor who both finished just five marks behind the jubilant ‘Wiggy’.

It was always going to be a tough shout out to find a winner, such is the high standard of riding in this premier 2 class. Full of riders — some old, some new — many rivalries have been carried along throughout some of the riders careers, and none know better than the top two riders on the day, Alexz Wigg and Ross Danby, whose rivalry dates back over 15 years.


On the opening lap, a rejuvenate­d Alexz Wigg stole the lead from the chasing pack on the Vertigo with a score of 20 marks lost headed by one of the hottest UK youth riders, Jack Dance, on 23.

Making the change from his world challengin­g 125cc GASGAS, Jack was on the 250cc model, having his first ride in the Trial 2 class. Andy Chilton followed him on 26 and Dec Bullock on 27. Interestin­gly, both the eventual second and third-place finishers, Ross Danby and Sam Connor were on 29 apiece. ‘Wiggy’ further increased his advantage on the second lap, but the chasing pack was closing in.


On the third and final lap of the 12 hazards, both Danby and Connor worked hard to post their lowest lap scores as they tried to catch Wigg. Ross was in fantastic form as the hazards deteriorat­ed to finish the lap with a superb score of just 17 marks lost, with Sam next on 17, but they both would finish on a final score of 70. It’s quite interestin­g to note it was the first lap advantage that would prove so crucial in the final results.

With Alexz Wigg winning, followed by Ross Danby and Sam Connor, the biggest loser was Jack Dance. Showing good form early on, seven marks lost for time penalties would push him down to seventh position.

 ??  ?? Alexz Wigg (John Lee MCs Vertigo)
Alexz Wigg (John Lee MCs Vertigo)
 ??  ?? Ross Danby (TRRS UK)
Ross Danby (TRRS UK)
 ??  ?? Andy Chilton (BMS Scorpa)
Andy Chilton (BMS Scorpa)
 ??  ?? Sam Connor (Beta-UK)
Sam Connor (Beta-UK)
 ??  ?? Dec Bullock (Beta-UK)
Dec Bullock (Beta-UK)
 ??  ?? Sam Haslam (John Lee MCs Montesa)
Sam Haslam (John Lee MCs Montesa)
 ??  ?? Richard Sadler (Camio Moto Vertigo-UK)
Richard Sadler (Camio Moto Vertigo-UK)
 ??  ?? Jack Dance (John Shirt MCs GASGAS)
Jack Dance (John Shirt MCs GASGAS)

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