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- Words: Toni Bou with John Hulme • Picture: Trials Media

Despite the winning this year, it has been very challengin­g, and the fight to retain my title has been much more difficult than the championsh­ip has recorded. The broken leg was a significan­t hurdle in the year’s plans, but I fought hard to be fit for the start of the season, although, at one point, I was starting to think that it may not be possible.

Then my Repsol Honda fellow team rider Takahisa Fujinami took a win in Italy, and I started thinking, will 2021 be my year again. Fuji is a constant inspiratio­n and proves that age in motorcycle trials is no barrier.

Once my leg was well on the way to recovery, I pushed myself really hard in training. Both Adam Raga and Jaime Busto have challenged me all the way, which has made me ride to my maximum at all times to take the championsh­ip title.

As always, the 2021 title has not just been about Toni Bou but a dedicated team who support me all the way. From the two doctors, Dr Josep Torrent and Dr Maurise Saur at iMove Traumatolo­gy in Spain who repaired the broken leg, to the technician­s in Japan at Honda and Montesa in Spain who are constantly evolving the four-stroke Cota4RT, they all played such an important part in my success. Everyone in the Repsol-Honda team contribute to the success, and it is such a pleasure to celebrate the winning with them; thank you.

Until next time, stay safe and well – Toni ‘Dynamite’ Bou.

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