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- Words: Trials Media and Montesa • Pictures: Montesa

Montesa presents its revamped Cota range with two spectacula­r design options for the 301RR model and a noteworthy update on the 4RT260R. Its flagship model, the Cota 301RR, and the Cota 4RT260R feature full suspension systems from the renowned SHOWA brand. In addition to the new suspension system, the Cota 4RT260R benefits from a significan­t increase in performanc­e. Exclusivit­y is Montesa’s trademark, which is very apparent in its most race-orientated model, the Cota 301RR, as well as the Cota 4RT260R.

The Cota 301RR continues to be Montesa’s flagship. In addition to its high-quality components, it now has a Showa fork giving it an even closer image to its World TrialGP sisters. Showa completes the suspension system of the Cota 301RR, taking a significan­t step forward in terms of exclusivit­y and quality. Another important innovation is the addition of a new colour option in the Race Replica, a model that features a design and graphics inherited from Toni Bou’s machine this season. This model will also be available in an elegant Anchor Grey Metallic colour and traditiona­l Montesa red.

The 301RR is the most powerful Cota ever massproduc­ed. It is a motorcycle designed for racing, hence its RR (Race Ready) surname. The model has the proven experience inherited from the competitio­n machines used by Montesa riders in the Trial World Championsh­ip, from which it takes most of its components and technical solutions.

Naturally, the new Cota 301RR inherits the machine’s engine that participat­es in the Trial2 World Championsh­ip. The engine remains unchanged from its predecesso­r, which had an increase in its displaceme­nt from 288cc to 298cc. The Cota 301RR also benefits from a series of important changes in the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) and a redesigned gas decompress­ion system, increasing the diameter of the crankcase breather from 1.9mm to 2.25mm, just like Bou’s and Fujinami’s TrialGP machines. These improvemen­ts result in a clear reduction of the engine braking, which leads to a better feel and lighter weight. On the other hand, more inertia was achieved in the crankshaft to increase progressiv­eness. This significan­tly improves low- to mid-ranges and performanc­e closer to the motorcycle­s competing in the World Championsh­ip.

Another noteworthy feature is the perfect integratio­n between the throttle control and the final drive; it’s a key factor in top-level trials where the smooth operation of the PGM-FI electronic fuel injection system is of vital importance.

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