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It was a case of a ‘Disco Dance’ bringing music to the ears of GASGAS as Great Britain’s Jack Dance gave a strong, dominant display to take his first FIM Trial World Championsh­ip title in the 125 class. Not only did he take a clear championsh­ip title, but he also led home Great Britain’s other young challenger­s Harry Hemingway, Harry Turner and Ben Dignan, who did enough in France to secure a top-five finish.

Very much a team effort, supported by his father Adrian, who minded in France, mother Nicky in charge of everything and younger brother Max who kept his eyes on the opposition, the family was quite rightly elated with Jack’s world title success. Remember how young these riders are and that Great Britain has dominated the championsh­ip, with Harry Hemingway and Harry Turner also taking a round win each. It was also a magic moment to see a maximum effort from Alfie Lampkin, who secured his first FIM Trial World Championsh­ip points in Andorra on day two with his proud father Dougie ‘minding’ for him.



Bang on form from the word go with a clear, convincing win, ‘Hemmo’ was strong and confident on both the steep climbs and in rocky rivers – his only stop was in the final hazard of the day. Jack Dance stopped in section two, but he fought back very strong as Harry Turner came good on the second lap with a score of just nine marks lost only to lose out on the tie-break decider to Dance to take the final step on the podium.

DAY ONE RESULTS: 1: Harry Hemingway (Beta-GBR) 18; 2: Dance 31; 3: Turner 31; 4: Fabian 40; 5: Vall 45; 6: Dignan 54; 7: Dinares 62; 8: Bereiter 66; 9: Schiele 67; 10: Heidel 70.


Once again, the baking skies kept the action very hot as Jack Dance took the win to keep his championsh­ip intentions on course despite a minor mechanical problem that ate into his time allowance for the opening lap. Two five-mark penalties stopped Harry Hemingway from making it a double as Harry Turner once again lost out on the tie-break. With three riders on 19 marks lost, Ben Dignan was pushed down to fourth on the day. The happiest rider was Alfie Lampkin, who came home 14th to secure his first-ever points.

DAY TWO RESULTS: 1: Jack Dance (GASGAS-GBR) 13; 2: Hemingway 19; 3: Turner 19; 4: Dignan 19; 5: Fabian 23; 6: Dinares 24; 7: Schiele 29; 8: Bereiter 30; 9: Vall 30; 10: Heidel 51.


Knowing exactly what he had to do to win, Jack Dance let his riding do the talking. Starting as the last man away, he picked his lines and was never fazed all day to take the championsh­ip title in style. Despite not showing their true form on the day, both the Harrys, Hemingway and Turner, did enough to make the championsh­ip podium, a proud all-British one finishing well in front of their rivals.

RESULTS: 1: Jack Dance (GASGAS-GBR) 5; 2: Vall 15; 3: Bereiter 17; 4: Schiele 17; 5: Hemingway 18; 6: Heidel 24; 7: Turner 25; 8: Zynzowski 28; 9: Fabian 29; 10: Dinares 30.


POSITIONS: 1: Jack Dance (GASGAS-GBR) 94; 2: Harry

Hemingway (Beta-GBR) 76; 3: Harry Turner (Scorpa-GBR) 72; 4: David Fabian (Beta-CZE) 55; 5: Ben Dignan (Vertigo-ESP) 51; 6: Rodney Bereiter (Beta-DEU) 50; 7: Gaudi Vall (Sherco-AND) 48; 8 Jonas Schiele (Beta-DEU) 46; 9: Pau Dinares (TRRS-ESP) 36; 10: Jonathan Heidel (TRRS-DEU) 33; 11: Adria Mercade (ShercoESP) 23; 12: Milosz Zynzowski (GASGAS-Poland) 22; 13: Enzo Rossi (Scorpa-FRA) 13; 14: Giacomo Brunisso (Beta-ITA) 11; 15: Pawel Ryncarz (GASGAS-POL) 7.

Note: the final GBR world championsh­ip round was cancelled.

 ?? ??
 ?? ?? Ben Dignan (Vertigo-GBR)
Ben Dignan (Vertigo-GBR)
 ?? ?? Harry Turner (Scorpa-GBR)
Harry Turner (Scorpa-GBR)
 ?? ?? Harry Hemingway (Beta-GBR)
Harry Hemingway (Beta-GBR)

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