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1917 The company is founded and located in Butzberg, specialisi­ng in leather- and floorcare products.

1938 The company relocates to Langenthal.

1947 The company starts selling lubricants under the brand name ‘MOTOREX’, derived from their previous name Rex, Latin for King. They sell approximat­ely one drum of oil per day.

1965 Shoe- and floor-care products are discontinu­ed. However, sales for motor and gear oils climb to 1,200 tonnes/year.

1979 MOTOREX starts bottling their own aerosols.

1992 MOTOREX is given the ISO-9001 quality certificat­ion and, 11 years later, the ISO-14001 for environmen­tal management is added.

2001 MOTOREX is awarded the WORLD STAR for their one-litre motor oil bottle with integrated pouring spout.

2011 MOTOREX expands its tank systems and is the first oil company in Switzerlan­d to introduce a Pigging cleaning system for its pipes.

2017 Celebrate their centenary, a very proud moment.

2019 They launch their new unique X-Bottle brand identity.

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