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- Words: Toby Martyn with Trials Media • Pictures: Trials Media

Well, what a month April was! If I’m honest, it was all a massive high; I was feeling so confident on the Montesa. It has been tough; I will admit, bouncing between FIM X-Trial-style riding and back for the ACU British Championsh­ips on the same weekends, as it’s just a completely different style of trials. After having a fifth at the third round of the X-Trial, I was finally finding my rhythm, and then to achieve a fourth in Bordeaux, I just felt like I was going from strength to strength. After returning from France on the Saturday to ride the BTC in Cumbria, taking the win felt so nice and made all the hard work and large amounts of travelling worth it. Every achievemen­t has increased my motivation to train harder and aim higher.

Going into the first round of the outdoor FIM Trial GP season, I said to Alexz, my Minder, and Eryn, my girlfriend, that our aim that weekend was the top six; I just knew that with the way I was feeling on the machine and in myself, I could do it. So, that’s what we did! To be in the mix in the top class, among the best, felt great; I felt comfortabl­e with the sections and motivated to do my best.

After last year I knew what I needed to practice and what I needed to improve on, so going into the first round, I felt ready and knew my capabiliti­es. I thoroughly enjoyed my day, and to achieve a sixth place, even being aware of certain marks I could have prevented having, I was ready to push for more on the second day.

Sunday morning, I was calm and excited. I had a great start to the day and was running fourth up to section five when I crashed. Unfortunat­ely, this meant I had to retire from the trial, and CT scans confirmed that I had fractured two vertebrae in my lower back and two 40% crushed fractures in the middle of my back, four fractures in total. I am disappoint­ed that I have had to take a break from competing due to my injury, meaning championsh­ip opportunit­ies are now out of reach for this season. However, I am incredibly grateful that my injuries were not worse.

It has been a few weeks since my crash, and I am making more progress every day. With some rest, I will return stronger; I am embracing my injury and listening to my body. I will be back training and ready to finish where I left off as soon as I can.

This last month has been a whirlwind, but I am happy I have begun to show everyone my true capabiliti­es with my achievemen­ts so far, and I can’t wait to get back and push for more.

Keep your eyes open and give me a cheer – Toby ‘Mush#212’ Martyn.

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