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Dark back, metal­lic blue in clear water or greeny/brown in coloured water. Sil­ver flanks or cop­per-yel­low in coloured water. Large red iris sur­round­ing pupil. Dark grey/brown fins, some with a red­dish tinge.


Roach have spread from south­ern Eng­land to most parts of the UK via an­glers and wad­ing birds. They can adapt to suit fast flow­ing streams and muddy ponds.


Roach pre­fer a cer­tain type of weed on which to at­tach eggs, par­tic­u­larly wil­low moss. They first spawn aged three to six years. In still­wa­ters, sub­merged weeds, reeds and rushes are favourite for spawn­ing. When spawn­ing, males de­velop small white lumps called tu­ber­cles, which they rub against the fe­males who then re­lease their eggs.


They lay thou­sands of eggs which, af­ter about a week, hatch into tiny fry about 4-6mm long. In still­wa­ters, the young shel­ter in weed and reed beds, seek­ing warm and food-rich ar­eas.


Roach reach 5cm af­ter one year and live for a long time – up to 25 years, al­though 15 years is the norm.

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