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When trout are feed­ing on fry, it pays to ar­rive early. Spec­tac­u­lar sport can be en­joyed at dawn when big trout are less wary.


Aim to make the fry pat­tern be­have er­rat­i­cally, like a wounded fish, as this ap­pears at­trac­tive to hun­gry trout.


Beef up your tackle (8wt rod and 10-12lb leader) be­cause there’s a strong chance that you’ll catch a sea­son’s best or life­time’s best fish.


Be pa­tient as feed­ing can be spo­radic be­cause fish fill up fast on this pro­tein-rich food form. Fear not, though, be­cause they’ll soon re­turn to feed­ing again.

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