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WHEN tar­get­ing pike on the fly you’ll need over­sized pat­terns that im­i­tate their coarse fish prey to get them in­ter­ested. These pike tube flies from Cale­do­nia fit the bill per­fectly. Tra­di­tion­ally, pike and gen­eral preda­tor pat­terns are tied di­rectly onto a hook, but to get a re­ally large and long pat­tern would re­quire a large and long hook, which isn’t al­ways what you need. How­ever, with tube flies you can cre­ate short or long dress­ings and you can use what­ever hook size you wish. There’s also the ad­van­tage of be­ing able to use barbed or the more fish-friendly bar­b­less hooks. If a hook is dam­aged or be­comes blunt, you can quickly change it with a tube fly, rather than dis­card the whole fly pat­tern. The flies pic­tured (right) are the Cop­per Comet and the Red-head Comet, both tied on 50mm tubes, and the shorter Perch Comet on a 40mm tube, and all come with a size 4/0 black nickel hook. The pike tube pat­terns are made up of pre­dom­i­nantly light­weight, quick-dry­ing syn­thetic fi­bres, al­though the heads are of a sculpin-type wool which will ab­sorb a small amount of water. The ad­van­tage of this mainly syn­thetic con­struc­tion is that the flies shed water eas­ily so stay light for ease of cast­ing. All three flies fea­ture big de­cal eyes as an ex­cel­lent trig­ger point. Fish them on an in­ter­me­di­ate line and im­part lots of move­ment with a strip, sink-and-draw or quick fig­ure-of-eight re­trieve.

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