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FOUR new pat­terns from the Fario sta­ble in­clude a lure and three dries/emerg­ers. The Gold Arse Cat Booby has been a great puller of fish so it was only a mat­ter of time be­fore the sil­ver ver­sion ar­rived. The Sil­ver Arse Cat Booby (1) is tied on size 10 and 12 com­pe­ti­tion heavy­weight hooks and has a white marabou tail and wing, a 15mm sil­ver Strag­gle butt and a body of 15mm char­treuse Crys­tal Hackle. It is fin­ished off with white ethafoam eyes. Great as a point fly on a sink­ing line or when fish­ing up in the wa­ter wash­ing-line style. The Half Hog Bibio (2) and Half Hog Hare’s Ear (3), both avail­able in size 10, have a small wing of deer hair and fea­ture hop­per-style legs. Ideal for fish­ing just in or just be­low the sur­face when you can see the dor­sal fins of trout just break­ing the sur­face but they are re­fus­ing a dry fly sit­ting high on the sur­face. The ad­van­tage of these pat­terns is that they can also be Ginked up to hang in the sur­face or waked back across the sur­face to induce a take. The Shield Bug (4) is a more un­usual dry fly, but it im­i­tates an in­sect that of­ten ap­pears on wa­ters up and down the coun­try. All you need is an im­pres­sion­is­tic im­i­ta­tion and this pat­tern does that very well. It has a brown foam cut-out re­sem­bling the ‘shield’ with some lit­tle hop­per legs, a cou­ple of pheas­ant tail feel­ers at the front and a touch of hare’s ear dub­bing around the head. Tied on a size 10 short shank hook.

“The Half Hog pat­terns can be Ginked up to hang in the sur­face or waked back across the sur­face to induce a take.”

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