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I WAS look­ing at my fly boxes and their con­tents and won­dered why I need so many, and the simple truth is I don’t! It’s a case of 90 per­cent of flies are tied to catch fish­er­men and not fish. If peo­ple don’t be­lieve me just count up the num­ber of vari­a­tions you can tie in beaded nymphs: 12 bead colours x 5 sizes x 5 hook sizes x 4 body colours ( just for ar­gu­ment’s sake) x 2 ma­te­ri­als (pheas­ant tail and hare’s ear but there are more). This all amounts to 2,400 nymphs. That is only a small pro­por­tion of the pos­si­bil­i­ties for just nymphs. Then there are Spi­ders, dry flies, wet flies, Buzzers and lures to con­sider. The pos­si­ble end re­sult is we are drown­ing in an over in­dul­gence of ideas – no won­der that new­com­ers are in­tim­i­dated by the be­wil­der­ing ar­ray of things to learn. Flies aside, they then have to wres­tle with the many types of lines, lead­ers, rods and meth­ods. So we end up spend­ing too much time think­ing about what we want to do rather than do­ing any fish­ing. We need to re­mem­ber the acro­nym KISS: keep it simple stupid. I cer­tainly need to get back to ba­sics – two fly lines (floater and in­ter­me­di­ate), two rods (9ft and 10ft) and just a dozen or so flies, so giv­ing me less of a headache de­cid­ing what to use and more time en­joy­ing my­self. Ian Bar­row, by email

Edi­tor’ s re­ply: You’ re not the only one of course, see our fea­ture from B or­lando np 26 this is­sue.

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