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I’VE been fly-fish­ing for about six years, mainly fish­ing rivers, but this year have started to fish small lakes. I’d read the ar­ti­cles about Graf ham in Trout Fish­er­man and jumped at the of­fer from a friend to ac­com­pany him for a day’s fish­ing, never hav­ing fished such a large wa­ter be­fore. We spent the morn­ing fish­ing from the dam, keep­ing low, sit­ting on a stool and hav­ing good sport with nymphs, catch­ing al­most un­der the rod tip. Other an­glers were stand­ing up and cast­ing more than 50 feet out and catch­ing much less (they should read Trout Fish­er­man!). Af­ter a nice lunch at the Wheat­sheaf pub, we de­cided to try the bank near Mar­low Bay. I set­tled my­self just off the promon­tory, wad­ing out past the al­gae, so that I could cast out and let the flies drift into the bay. There was a boat com­pe­ti­tion and the boats were quite close in, but I po­litely checked with the near­est boat that I was okay fish­ing where I was. Af­ter about 10 min­utes other boats came close and one of the com­pe­ti­tion an­glers ‘kindly’ told me that the place I was fish­ing was use­less, no one had caught any fish there, and it was much bet­ter about 50 yards fur­ther along. I took him at his word and moved along, only to find that the boats all moved in to where I had been fish­ing. I caught noth­ing where I’d been di­rected to and there was vir­tu­ally no shrimp pop­u­la­tion, so clearly he had given me this ‘ad­vice’ just to get me out of the way. This put a damper on what had been, up to then, a very pleas­ant day. I’ve al­ways found plea­sure an­glers to be help­ful, will­ingly shar­ing ex­pe­ri­ences and swap­ping flies, so I was not pre­pared for such de­vi­ous be­hav­iour. I sup­pose that the com­pet­i­tive­ness brings out the worst in some peo­ple and they will stoop to the low­est form of be­hav­iour to try and get some small ad­van­tage. If I go there again, I will make sure I go when there isn’t a com­pe­ti­tion.

Edi­tor’ s re­ply: Sorry to heart his Frank. I sup­pose there’ s good and bad in all groups of peo­ple. But he acted poorly.

An­glers in har­mony – but it isn’t al­ways so.

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