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Sleek with gun­metal flanks, grayling are in­stantly recog­nis­able. If there’s any doubt, the sail-like dor­sal fin is their most ob­vi­ous fea­ture. Like salmonids too, they pos­sess an adi­pose fin, which, for my money, firmly ranks them as a game­fish de­spite their spawn­ing sea­son (more over the page). The grayling’s un­der­slung mouth sug­gests they are prin­ci­pally bot­tom feed­ing fish too, very much like bar­bel. In fact, when at rest, or feed­ing for that mat­ter, grayling gen­er­ally like the streambed tick­ling their bel­lies! A study of the grayling’s eye il­lus­trates an al­most teardrop shape with its point trained for­wards. Some be­lieve this im­proves the grayling’s focus when feed­ing close to the streambed!

Teardrop eye. Un­der­slung mouth. Dor­sal fin.

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