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Fish­ing bugs is best de­scribed as us­ing the likes of shrimp pat­terns, cased cad­dis, case­less cad­dis and minia­ture crayfish im­i­ta­tions. All these in­ver­te­brates never stray far from the pro­tec­tion of the riverbed, so to of­fer them up in the cor­rect man­ner in­volves heavy flies fished close to­gether us­ing the short line method of nymph­ing (Czech/Pol­ish nymph­ing) where lit­tle fly line ex­tends out­side the rod tip (see di­a­gram 4). The idea is that we now have more pre­cise con­trol over the busi­ness end and with only our leader cut­ting through the sur­face those heavy bugs quickly sink to where grayling might be hold­ing (di­a­gram 5). Good tech­nique when bug­ging calls for the flies to be lobbed 45 de­grees up­stream of your po­si­tion and al­lowed to drift back past you to a point 45 de­grees down­stream (di­a­gram 6).

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