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If you ex­pe­ri­ence a missed chance to dry fly, Spi­ders, or nymphs, so long as no resistance was felt on your line (which means the fish sensed some­thing) then grayling can be ex­tremely oblig­ing by com­ing to your fly again and again. I well re­mem­ber an in­ci­dent on the River Unec in Slove­nia some years ago now when I was sight fish­ing to grayling us­ing a Shrimp pat­tern. The fish I was af­ter moved to eat my fly and slow out of the blocks, I missed the take. Be­liev­ing it had earned its free­dom due to my botched strike, the sec­ond time round I de­cided to merely ob­serve what hap­pened. The very same grayling at­tempted to eat my fly no less than six times. Proof that in many cases we can of­ten get a sec­ond and some­times third chance at grayling!

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