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Trout Fisherman (UK) - - Fly-Tying -

Hook: Size 8 heavy­weight wet fly Thread: Black Tail: Black marabou and strands of gold or sil­ver tin­sel Rib: Gold or sil­ver wire Body: Gold or sil­ver metal­lic cac­tus che­nille Hackle: Soft-fi­bred griz­zle or cree cock hackle

Ap­ply a bed of ty­ing thread at the eye and se­cure a pair of metal beads with fig­ure-8 thread turns. Add a drop of Su­per­glue to thread and leave to harden.

Run thread to bend and catch in a few strands of fine gold tin­sel at their mid-point. Fold the fi­bres over to dou­ble their den­sity and se­cure with thread.

Take a gen­er­ous bunch of black marabou at least 2.5 inches long. Strip away fi­bres from a sec­tion of its base. Catch it in at the bend to form the tail.

Catch in a length of gold wire at tail base. Strip off some herl from one end of a length of gold cac­tus che­nille. Catch in che­nille by this short bare core.

Wind thread to­ward the eyes, se­cur­ing waste ends of marabou, wire and che­nille to shank. Wind cac­tus che­nille along shank in close turns to form the body.

Se­cure loose end of che­nille just be­hind eyes. Trim ex­cess. Take a long-fi­bred griz­zle cock hackle, strip off fi­bres from its base and catch in be­hind eyes.

Grasp hackle tip in a pair of hackle pli­ers and wind on two close turns be­hind the eyes. Wind hackle down shank to tail base in open evenly spaced turns.

When hackle has reached the tail wind the gold wire up through the hackle turns. Wig­gle the wire as it is be­ing wound to pre­vent fi­bres from be­ing flat­tened.

Se­cure loose end of wire just be­hind the eyes then re­move waste. Cast off thread with a whip fin­ish. Care­fully trim off ex­cess hackle tip at end of body.

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