Phil’s top tips on how to fish these pat­terns

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1 | Lite-Brite Pink Shrimp

Pink is my favourite colour for shrimp-feed­ing fish, not only in the rivers com­ing into the win­ter for grayling, but also for those big shrimp-feed­ers on Grafham. This pat­tern is best fished on, or as close to, the bot­tom as pos­si­ble, de­pend­ing on the de­bris on the lake bed. I like to fish a cou­ple of Shrimp pat­terns on the cast at the same time – try a dif­fer­ent colour on the drop­per and a dif­fer­ent size to see what the trout want on that day. Fast­mail has plenty of Shrimp pat­terns to choose from.

2 | Squirmy Wormy Bead Head San Juan Red

This pat­tern is re­ally best on small wa­ters but I haven’t used it on the larger wa­ters so you never know. It’s al­ways worth a go on those tough days. Fishes well on the point of a team of nymphs fished very slow on a floater, keep­ing the fly close to the bot­tom of the lake or fished un­der the bung. Comes in a va­ri­ety of colours in a size 10, all weighted, but this red one is my favourite. I pre­fer to fish the fly on its own un­der the indicator. Find the depth where the fish are feed­ing, and change the depth if you’re not catch­ing, or move around the lake.

3 | Lite-Brite Min­now Sil­ver

This pat­tern will catch you trout all year on both large and small wa­ters. Fast­mail has them in size 6, 8 and 10s with 10s be­ing my favourite through the warmer months and through the win­ter I use the larger pat­tern. I have caught plenty of fish with this on my top drop­per with a team of nymphs be­low fished across the wind on a float­ing line. This will also catch you fish fished slow and deep – a very ver­sa­tile fly.

4 | Fritz Zonker White

This is for late-sea­son on the larger wa­ters. When the big­ger fish turn onto the coarse fish fry these pat­terns are what you should be fish­ing. Again, I like to fish this pat­tern on its own. It will work on the small wa­ters through the win­ter and don’t be afraid to fish it un­der an indicator – it can be deadly on heav­ily-fished wa­ters. Again, dif­fer­ent colours are avail­able in this pat­tern and they come in a size 10.

5 | Hot Head Tad­pole Black

Not just for the lakes, I’ve also caught plenty of fish all over the world on this pat­tern in the rivers, fished down­stream with a sink­ing line and pulled back fast. It will work best in coloured wa­ter with the dark pro­file and bright trig­ger point in the bead, but will also work in clear wa­ter. Like most of my lure fish­ing I tend to fish just one fly as the trout can turn off teams of flies. This is a pat­tern I like to use on a new wa­ter with an in­ter­me­di­ate line.

6 | Mini Snake Black & Lime

Another brand new pat­tern for Fast­mail but a cus­tomers’ favourite and also mine. If you fish small wa­ters then this is a must for your fly box. These are avail­able in dif­fer­ent colours but this one is my per­sonal favourite. I like to fish this fly on its own on a 12-foot leader with a sink­ing line, de­pend­ing on the wa­ter depth. Don’t be afraid to fish this fly very fast on small wa­ters – it will catch. With the weight in the fly they can also be fished nice and slow on a float­ing line.

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