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Pulse Star – Michael Beaty

There are quite a few in­ter­est­ing tech­niques in this pat­tern. Michael has taken the Viva colours and blended them nicely to give an in­cred­i­ble ef­fect. I also like the ex­tra move­ment gained from the mono link so that the tail wig­gles more – en­hanc­ing the marabou and the Arc­tic fox. Although the No­mad-style head is largely cos­metic, it does pro­vide sparkle at the front. The long, hen hackle fi­bres look great and cloak the body while dis­guis­ing the gold bead un­der the hackle. The dyed char­treuse guinea fowl at the front also pro­vides a sub­tle ef­fect and the long rhea fi­bres draw colour back to the tail. A very dif­fer­ent lure.

Pump­kin Won­der – Henry Schem­bri

This fly takes me back to pre-marabou days and re­minds me of the old Amer­i­can streamer pat­terns – it looks great and very nearly won the chal­lenge. It’s just that there’s more go­ing on in the Pulse Star.

Marabou Mur­derer – Peter Hor­lock

There are two pat­terns us­ing a sim­i­lar tech­nique, namely marabou as a hackle – these are the Marabou Mur­derer and The Wraith, by Brian Daw­son. The Wraith is bet­ter tech­ni­cally but the Marabou Mur­derer has more go­ing on. I like the bright colour at the head go­ing darker along the body on the MM as this works so well.

Rat­tle Snake – Jim Miller

Rat­tles are used a lot in the States on pike flies and the like. I’ve no prob­lem with them be­ing used on trout flies over here, although we don’t see them used very of­ten. What I would say is that adding lumps of plas­tic or metal to a fly is go­ing to make them harder to cast.

De­coy Lure – Michael Everitt

Adding weighted beads to the front and mid­dle makes the fly sink evenly as op­posed to head first, so it will flut­ter down nicely. The cen­tral orange bead pro­vides a hotspot for chas­ing trout.

Flexi Red­head – Adam Collinson

Adam has used non-stan­dard colours, I like the fact that he’s stayed away from the tra­di­tional black and green or white and green, which has be­come the ‘go to’ colour com­bi­na­tions. Red is a largely un­der-used colour so it’s re­fresh­ing to see. Love the way the red bars match the red Flexi-Floss. The barred marabou isn’t used as much as it should be these days – it just hasn’t caught on as much as barred rab­bit strips.

Barred marabou.

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