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To­day’s gen­er­a­tion of fly reels are the best they have ever been. CNC ma­chin­ing has lib­er­ated reel de­sign­ers so they can give full vent to their imag­i­na­tion. The gor­geous Loop reel with the cap­i­tal ‘L’ shape on the back­plate, for ex­am­ple, is a work of art. Speak­ing as a crea­ture of ma­chine shops and tool­rooms I take my hat off to that de­signer. The aero-grade alu­minium that’s used on reels to­day is cor­ro­sion re­sis­tant but it is not to­tally im­per­vi­ous to cor­ro­sion, es­pe­cially if your reel goes any­where near salt­wa­ter! Keep­ing the reel clean and wip­ing away any grit or earth is good day-to-day ad­vice. Then, once a year, give it a good clean.

Wipe and clean the reel body and spools, re­mov­ing any grit and dirt.

Use a cot­ton bud and wipe away tired and coloured grease or oily de­posits.

Ap­ply the min­i­mum of grease or ma­chine oil. A drop is all that is needed.

Avoid sub­merg­ing your reel. If your reel is sub­merged for what­ever rea­son, as soon as is rea­son­able, strip the line and back­ing from the reel and al­low it to dry be­fore re-spool­ing it. Then wipe, clean and re-grease the reel. Damp­ness will even­tu­ally eat through the an­odi­s­a­tion on the spool and you’ll see white furry de­posits on the alu­minium telling you that it’s be­ing eaten away.

Don’t for­get the han­dle. Just a small drop of ma­chine oil once each sea­son will keep it func­tion­ing per­fectly.

Use a cot­ton bud to wipe away old grease or oil. Treat your reel with a light­weight oil or lubri­cant. A drop or two of oil is all you need.

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