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QI find it helps to spoon a fish af­ter it is des­patched to see what it has been feed­ing on. I now fish on a catch-and-re­lease wa­ter and am re­luc­tant to spoon a live fish be­fore it is re­turned to the wa­ter. Is there a so­lu­tion to this predica­ment? Lou Fine PETER COCK­WILL REPLIES: You are right not to spoon a live fish. Quite apart from the trauma it would cause, there's the huge risk of in­ter­nal dam­age too. I know that some an­glers use a sy­ringe pump (left) to evac­u­ate the fish’s stom­ach con­tents, but I wouldn't be keen on that op­tion ei­ther. I would sug­gest that you closely ob­serve the fish when they are feed­ing nat­u­rally and then look to see what food items are avail­able. This is a some­what kinder way of check­ing their diet.

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