Tack­ling jar­gon

Fish­ing doesn't lack for tech­ni­cal lingo when it comes to sell­ing its goods; but what do some of those terms in the tackle brochures ac­tu­ally mean...?

Trout Fisherman (UK) - - Investigation - Words: Jef­frey Prest

For a sport that’s es­sen­tially a stick with a line at­tached, the march of tech­nol­ogy has blessed (cursed?) angling with some high-fa­lutin’ ter­mi­nol­ogy, much of which goes on dis­play when there are goods to be sold. We might nod our heads know­ingly when some of the fol­low­ing tech­ni­cal terms crops up, but – hand on heart – do we al­ways un­der­stand what they’re say­ing? And is any of it more about ‘ro­manc­ing the brand’ than ex­plain­ing the mer­chan­dise?

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