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Russ Sy­mons’ tips will pro­long the life of your fish­ing gear

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Pro­long the life of your fish­ing gear

WE find our­selves in a ‘throw-away so­ci­ety’ th­ese days. If some­thing breaks, throw­ing it away and buy­ing new can of­ten be cheaper and more con­ve­nient than get­ting it re­paired. But we an­glers must guard against this. We can eas­ily be­come at­tached to a par­tic­u­lar rod be­cause our in­di­vid­ual cast­ing style will rely on know­ing ex­actly what that rod is ca­pa­ble off. It’s the same with fly lines, we of­ten stick with a par­tic­u­lar brand and model be­cause it suits us. Our favourite reel is per­haps an ex­act coun­ter­weight to that rod and line. If some­thing breaks, wears out or gets lost, then that is of­ten a cause for some gen­uine con­ster­na­tion – you know it’s true! I have a friend who spends a lot of money on his fly tackle be­cause he wants that tackle to be reli­able and long last­ing. But he puts his rods away wet in their tubes and the rings rust, the reel fit­tings jam with grit and earthy bits and he claims: “they don’t make them like they used too!” In truth, there are very few poor rods in the UK mar­ket place to­day. The off-the- shelf qual­ity is so high and the mar­ket­ing so fe­ro­cious that poor qual­ity rods died a death a decade or more ago. But we all know that 99% of an­glers will put their rods away and only think of them again when the urge to go fish­ing man­i­fests it­self. If the rod is one of the lucky ones it will get a ‘birth­day’ treat maybe once a year, when per­haps there’s snow on the ground or win­ter gales rat­tle the win­dows. Then it is a time to re­flect, per­haps it is even an act of faith, when you spend the time to sort your gear out ready for the new sea­son.

Russ Sy­mons

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