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Any fish­ery in the depths of win­ter can ap­pear as a fea­ture­less ex­panse of wa­ter, mak­ing it chal­leng­ing to de­cide on where to be­gin. As a rule, we’re of­ten taught to search out the ex­posed shore­line as food is car­ried here to wait­ing trout. How­ever, when Arc­tic winds rav­age the sur­face, a cooler layer of wa­ter is ush­ered to­wards the ex­posed bank. As wa­ter is dens­est at 4°C, cooler sur­face wa­ter (be­low 4°C) is warmed up slightly when car­ried on the un­der­tow on its jour­ney back to the up­wind (shel­tered) shore (di­a­gram 4). It might only be a de­gree or two’s dif­fer­ence but this is of­ten enough to tempt trout to­wards the shel­tered shore. With the bonus of the wind on your back, this should be your start­ing point.

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