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There’s no short­cut to de­ter­min­ing at what depth trout may pre­fer to hold at, and some sort of game plan is now re­quired. While trout sel­dom cruise close to the sur­face in win­ter, it’s as well to start high up and grad­u­ally go deeper. With a 12-foot leader and two-fly rig (di­a­gram 5), be­gin by mak­ing spec­u­la­tive casts, fanned out in front of you. Sec­onds af­ter the flies land, start a slow re­trieve. If there’s any in­ter­est from fish, re­peat the process. If not, use the count­down method of adding two to three sec­onds on each cast be­fore inch­ing back the flies. In the ab­sence of any tak­ers, rather than start swap­ping flies, lengthen your leader to say 16 feet and add an­other fly (di­a­gram 6), or use a polyleader (di­a­gram 7). Once the hold­ing depth is found, re­fine the leader set-up. For in­stance, if fish con­tin­u­ally fall for the mid­dle drop­per fly then shorten the dis­tance be­tween point fly and mid­dle drop­per (di­a­gram 8), hope­fully bring­ing the point fly into play. An­other al­ter­na­tive is to swap the point fly for a lighter nymph, fish­ing the team higher in the wa­ter.

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