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So much is writ­ten about the need for ul­tra­long lead­ers when nymph­ing. While I’m a fan of lengthy lead­ers, that doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean they’re a pr­ereq­ui­site to suc­cess­ful nymph­ing. A 20-foot monofil­a­ment tapered leader and three flies isn’t likely to fish any deeper than a 10-foot fast sink polyleader with a sin­gle fly teth­ered to two feet of tip­pet (di­a­gram 12). Of course, three flies is bound im­prove your odds of at­tract­ing trout, but the mes­sage is, long lead­ers are not a ne­ces­sity. Bear in mind too, pre­vail­ing con­di­tions, as a sink­ing den­sity polyleader and short tip­pet are far eas­ier to punch into, or across the wind rather than its 18-20 foot monofil­a­ment coun­ter­part! For mid­dle ground, opt for a slow sink­ing polyleader of seven feet with four feet of monofil­a­ment tip­pet that’s di­vided with a sin­gle drop­per (di­a­gram 13).

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