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Mini Scandi Lure – Michael Beaty Some ty­ers add ‘bells and whis­tles’ to a fly without re­ally adding much in terms of func­tion or ap­pear­ance. Oth­ers, like Michael, are the sort of ty­ers who add in ex­tras that add to the fly’s ap­peal. I love the lay­ered wing us­ing three ma­te­ri­als, stag­gered (salmon fly style) into a tear-drop shape. The longer layer is on top and the bulk is at the front of the wing so that it ta­pers to a fine point. Leav­ing the hackle tips in is also a nice touch! Dragon Fritz Dab­bler – Michael Everitt This pat­tern has great pro­por­tions and is a de­cent hy­brid of a mod­ern wet fly, the Dab­bler, but made even more mod­ern with up-to-date ma­te­ri­als. I par­tic­u­larly like the pearl flash un­der­neath the fly, which adds depth and a lit­tle translu­cency. Many ty­ers take the easy op­tion of adding sparkle to the top of a fly, but adding it into the in­ter­nal work­ings cre­ates a bril­liant ef­fect al­low­ing light to ap­pear within the pat­tern. Clan Chief Strag­gler – Brian Daw­son Okay, it might lack the sub­tlety of the orig­i­nal Clan Chief, but I think Brian has just man­aged to pull this one off. Any more Strag­gle and it runs the risk of look­ing a bit too messy. What I also ad­mire is that the en­tire fly is made of man-made ma­te­ri­als. It’s in­tended as a ‘wa­ter­push­ing’ fly and it cer­tainly will do that. Green Mickey Mud­dler – Michael Polin Black and green is a colour com­bi­na­tion not of­ten seen in wet flies, ap­pear­ing more in lure pat­terns. But Michael has cre­ated a very good Mud­dler/wet fly pat­tern. Pulse Cat – Ash­ley Morton Ash­ley can be for­given for not cre­at­ing a mini lure/wet hy­brid be­cause our chal­lenge was a lit­tle am­bigu­ous to be fair. What he’s achieved is an ex­cel­lent mod­ern lure made al­most en­tirely from man­made ma­te­ri­als, save for the jun­gle cock. The new soft Pulse yarn pro­vides plenty of move­ment and the or­ange hotspot head con­trasts well with the rest of the pat­tern. Flash ‘Arry – Ian Bar­row Just like the 8th-placed fly (Black­pool, tied by Rob Hor­gan) the Flash ‘Arry has also added sparkle un­der­neath the hackle as op­posed to on top. This helps flash to shine through the fly cre­at­ing an in­ter­est­ing ef­fect. The fish can’t re­sist this sub­tle at­trac­tion and some­times it’s the lit­tle things that make all the dif­fer­ence. Get that sub­tle flash to shine through the fly and gain more takes!

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