9| Flash ‘Arry

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ian bar­roW hook: Size 14 wet fly Thread: Red Nano silk Tail: Coq de Leon fi­bres rib: 0.18mm blue wire body: Sil­ver holo­graphic tin­sel hackle: Black hen hackle Wing: Green pearl Krys­tal Flash PeTers ays:Ian’ s Flash‘ Arry is one of two pat­terns this month that, while fit­tingth­e­brief,werenotquite­whatwe­ex­pected.It’sac­tu­al­lyquiteas­mall, del­i­cate fly, more in keep­ing with a pat­tern for river rather than still wa­ter fish­ing. How­ever, small flies can be ex­tremely suc­cess­ful on lakes and reser­voir sand the in­clu­sion of a sil­ver holo­graphic tin­sel body and aKry st al Flash wing and a col­lar of soft black hen hack le make for avery ef­fec­tive look­ingfly.

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