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“Die-cast con­struc­tion”

Die-cast­ing is a metal cast­ing process in which molten metal is forced un­der high pres­sure into a mould cav­ity, the lat­ter cre­ated by hard­ened and shaped steel dies.

“Full bar stock con­struc­tion”

Bar stock is a com­mon form of raw, pu­ri­fied metal, used to man­u­fac­ture metal parts and prod­ucts.

“Sealed drag”

The ad­justable drag mech­a­nism, which grad­u­ally ap­plies the brakes on your line when a fish runs, is en­cased within the body of the reel, sealed off to keep out dirt or grit, which might com­pro­mise the mech­a­nism.

“Ru­lon disc drag sys­tem”

Ru­lon is the trade name for a group of plas­tics known for their low fric­tion and abra­sion re­sis­tance. Some reel man­u­fac­tur­ers pre­fer car­bon or cork for their drag sys­tem.

“Zero start-up in­er­tia” / “Smooth fish stop­ping torque”

The drag mech­a­nism can ‘bite’ harder than usual when first ac­ti­vated, due to the fric­tion from start-up in­er­tia, which can lead to snapped lead­ers when you have a good fish on. Qual­ity reels are de­signed to min­imise start-up in­er­tia to en­sure smooth, con­sis­tent pres­sure on the fish. The term ‘Smooth torque’ makes the same point, ‘torque’ re­fer­ring to a ro­ta­tional force, as op­posed to the lin­ear force of a push or pull.

“Opened the port­ing”

All fish­ing reels are 'ported' to re­duce weight and im­prove ven­ti­la­tion, us­ing sev­eral rounded or ob­long aper­tures.

“Lam­son have in­te­grated the counterbalance and in­tro­duced a curved cross-sec­tion ar­bor for struc­tural sta­bil­ity”

Water­works Lam­son kindly clar­i­fied this for us. “In­te­grated counter bal­ance means that the spool has been ma­chined to in­cor­po­rate the counter weight of the han­dle, so that no protrud­ing weight hangs off the side of the spool,” they ex­plained. “Curved ar­bor refers to the area of the spool where back­ing and fly line sit. Rather than a flat sur­face, our spool ar­bor is curved which helps stack line more evenly.”

“Pres­sure-cast spool”

Pres­sure cast­ing is the process of us­ing a pres­sure cham­ber and com­pres­sor to elim­i­nate bub­bles from a cast­ing resin or mold rub­ber. Cast­ing is the process by which a liq­uid ma­te­rial is usu­ally poured into a mould, which con­tains a hol­low cav­ity of the de­sired shape, and then al­lowed to so­lid­ify.

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