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QI AM in­ter­ested in buy­ing an electric mo­tor for next sea­son. Do they make enough dif­fer­ence to jus­tify the cost? DAVEY GREEN via e-mail

ATHE SIM­PLE an­swer is, “Yes”. On smaller wa­ters, where boats do not have out­board en­gines, an electric mo­tor al­lows you to move quickly and silently around the lake. Even on larger wa­ters, where boats tend to have out­boards, they are great for ad­just­ing an awk­wardly drift­ing boat, pulling away from shal­low wa­ter with­out dis­turb­ing the fish too much, or steer­ing around an ob­sta­cle such as a weedbed. The best ad­van­tage is on days when you are fish­ing alone and trout are ris­ing in calm wa­ter. You can glide on to these cruis­ing fish and with an ac­cu­rate first cast, catch trout that you would not have got close to on the oars. I have had many mem­o­rable days when I have caught lots of trout but would have strug­gled with­out the electric mo­tor.

Electric mo­tors give pre­cise con­trol over drifts.

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