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The fish in the pic­ture was caught by my father, Ge­off Proc­tor, on the River Polly on the In­ver­polly Es­tate in Scot­land. It was caught on a Polly Red, a spe­cial type of fly, cre­ated and tied by my father. It be­haved nor­mally in all re­spects and put up a rea­son­able fight, un­til that is we re­turned it to the wa­ter af­ter a short time out to re­move the hook. While it was out we no­ticed some dam­age on the un­der­side and ini­tially thought it had been at­tacked by an ot­ter or some­thing. When we re­turned it, the fish did not re­cover de­spite at­tempts to en­sure flow through the gills. We took it out again, ex­am­ined it prop­erly and saw the red plas­tic band, it was grow­ing through the head of the fish and cut­ting the band had no ef­fect. It was clear at this point that the fish would not re­cover so it was dis­patched and taken to the Laird of In­ver­polly to re­port. We took the head off to ex­am­ine it. We sus­pect the band is from the lid of a cof­fee jar or large plas­tic milk car­ton and that the fish swam through it while still young as the head had grown around it. The fish weighed about 4 lb. Andy Proc­tor, via email

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