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Hook Size 14-16 Par­tridge SLD2 Body Tim uses pos­sum, I pre­fer a hare and snow­shoe-hare mix Rib Ty­ing thread Un­der­wing Tip of one bushy CDC feather laid flat over the body Over­wing Fine deer hair Tho­rax Same as body, tied a lit­tle bushier

THE HANGDOG CAD­DIS, tied on a long, fine and de­greased tip­pet, has be­come the main­stay of my early-morn­ing prospect­ing. It’s nearly al­ways the first fly on my leader. A sim­ple lit­tle pat­tern, the Hangdog was in­tro­duced to me by a friend in New Zealand, Tim Trengrove. Tim uses it along the sum­mer banks of the Ton­gariro River. Fish it damp or just be­neath the sur­face in the scummy film that tends to de­velop in the mar­gins. It can be dif­fi­cult to see, but have faith. Lift if you see a rise and gen­er­ally you will be re­warded. Easy enough? Not quite. If the Hangdog has the slight­est hint of drag you’ll have to look for an­other fish; you will have shat­tered that trout’s morn­ing idyll and he will sulk for the rest of the day.

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